Why you should visit this website


Why backpacker in Yogyakarta should visit this website?


Your basic question answered

How much it cost
Reason that you should visit the sight & do the activities
How to get to the location
What is the best time to visit


Mainstream destination

We provide info of mainstream attraction around Yogyakarta
Such Borobudur, Prambanan, Sultan palace & Water castle


Extraordinary destination

We also provide info of extraordinary attraction
Such as Jomblang cave, Timang island & Merapi volcano


Culture destination
We provide info of our classic culture destination
Such as Classic javanese art show, Leather puppet show, Batik textile etc


Extraordinary food & drink

We provide info of extraordinary food & drink
Such as Joss coffee, Mushroom, Pecel & Gudeg


Best Sunrise
We provide info of the best place to watch sunrise

A golden egg yolk sunrise or Nirvana sunrise


Best Sunset
We also provide info of the best place to watch sunset

A melancholic sunset


Weather forecast

We provide weather forecast in mainstream sights, so you can arrange what time to get best sunrise or sunset


Cheap tips

We provide cheap tips for transport, ticket & hostel



We provide translator tools to make easy you to read by your own language



We provide a map of attraction in Yogyakarta and around



We provide video which telling history or condition in your destination that you will visited


Ticket price

We provide info of entrance fee of your destination

So, you can calculate how much you will spend your money


Mobile phone signal

We provide info of signal condition in your destination


Cafe & Restaurant

We provide info of cafe or restaurant that close to your destination



We provide info restroom/toilet condition and the number



We provide events which close to your arrival in Yogyakarta


It just only that?

No, we also provide important info for you such as:



We provide itinerary

So, you don’t have confused to arrange the schedule


Tourist Centre

We provide tourist information centre

You can visit it to get more info



We provide recommended hostel & homestay for backpacker

Include the rate and official website


Bar & Live music

We also provide info of bar & live music in Yogyakarta


Vegan Restaurant

We provide info of vegetarian resto in Yogyakarta


We provide recommended market and unique market in Yogyakarta


Visa Extension

We provide info how you can extend your Visa in Yogyakarta


Post Office

We also provide info of Post Office in Yogyakarta


Mobile Operator

We provide recommended mobile phone operator

Recommend local SIM Card which wide area coverage


Transport Point


Bus station

Railway station


Transport to

Transport to Bali

Transport to Bromo

Transport to Ijen

Transport to Karimunjawa


It just only that?

No, we also provide how to reduce cultural shock, local manners & behavior


Reduce cultural shock

Local good manners

Local behavior

How to use local toilet

How to bathing in local bathroom


Local First Aid

Local first aid for mosquito attack

Local first aid for itchy & swollen bump

Local first aid for fever

Local first aid for diarrhea


Emergency Call




SAR (Search And Rescue)