There are 2 public transport to Bromo from Yogyakarta:

1. Train
2. Bus

Usually backpacker choose train because it cheap, safe, comfort and can see panorama or rice field from the train. Here the detail of those transport.

1. Train

There are two city that very close to Bromo.
1. Malang city.
2. Probolinggo city

*) Mostly tourist access to Bromo from Probolinggo city. Because the road to Bromo from Malang too small and dangerous. You have to reach Cemoro Lawang from Probolinggo city.

**) Today the number of traveler/tourist who access Bromo via Probolinggo city and Malang city are equal.

Here the list of train to Malang city:

TRAIN:                                             DEPARTURE TIME:       STATION:         ARRIVAL TIME:
GAJAYANA                                       2.00 AM                          Tugu                  9.20 AM
MALIOBORO EXPRESS (Morning)  7.30 AM                           Tugu                  3.37 PM
MALIOBORO EXPRESS (Night)       8.45 PM                           Tugu                  4.00 AM
MALABAR                                        1.35 AM                           Tugu                  9.01 AM

Here the list of train to Probolinggo city:

TRAIN:               DEPARTURE TIME:         STATION:             ARRIVAL TIME:       STATION:
Sri Tanjung          7.15 AM                           Lempuyangan        5.00 PM                  Probolinggo

*) I recommend to use Sri Tanjung train for backpacker because the ticket so cheap. Only Rp100,000 with Air Conditioner (AC) and common way to access to Bromo volcano. You can take Sri Tanjung train from Lempuyangan railway station.



*) Translation words:
Tanggal = Date
Stasiun Asal = Departing Railway Station
Stasiun Tujuan = Destination Railway Station
Dewasa = Adult
Infant = Baby (Under 3 years)
Tahun = Years
Tampilkan = Show Information
Cek kode booking = Check Booking Code

*) The booking term: You can booking the ticket 90 days until 2 days before departing date. You can’t  book 1 day before departing date, you should go to buy the ticket on the railway station.

**) You can also buy train ticket on Indomaret shop, after that you can print the ticket on Train Station. The price should be more expensive Rp20,000 than normal price.

***) If you failed when booking via official website, you can book via or




There is a cheap public transport to get there. Trans Jogja Bus. Ticket only IDR 4,000. First, you must go to halte bus/bus stop/shelter of Trans Jogja. Then, you must reach to Lempuyangan halte (halte Lempuyangan). Ask to the operator if you still confused. Operator will glad to give information. :-)

From Malioboro or Sosrowijayan street (backpacker street):
please take Route 2A – Stop in Flyover Lempuyangan Shelter, then take a walk to the station.
From Prawirotaman street (backpacker street):
please take Route 4A at Tamansiswa street – Stop in Hayam Wuruk Shelter, then take a walk to the station.


*) Don’t surprise when you arrive your destination, you found some people coming close to you and offering taxi, motorbike, minibus, etc in the bus station/railway station. Yes, sometime it’s bothering you. Just abandon them, smile and say “No, thank you” if you don’t want to use their service.

2. Bus

Sorry. Bus is not recommended, you know our traffic and sometime crazy driver.


*) If you need a guide or Bromo tour, you can ask my friend, Mr Yudi. He get used bring many traveler explore the Bromo volcano. He can also pick up you at train station or bus station. Here his Whatsapp number: +6282331576900.

12 thoughts on “TRANSPORT to Bromo

  1. Kate

    Thanks for useful information. Want to clarify: need to buy tickets from Jogja to Malang. Which railway stations I have to choose?
    And what is the difference between train’s Executive/business classes?
    Also is there a place for luggage, air condition? And does a train has foldout seats?

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Kate,

      To get transport to Bromo via train you can choose Tugu railway station.
      For reservation ticket you can pass the south entry gate.
      For buy the ticket on the day you can pass the east entry gate.

      The difference between Executive class and Business class are:
      Price : Executive more expensive.
      Time : Executive more fast (short period)
      Seats : Executive has folding seats.

      All of class (include economic) has Aircon (AC) and place of your luggage that located above your head.

  2. Thomas


    Do you have any information about the mini busses that will bring you from Probolinggo bus station to Cemoro Lawang?
    We are planning to arrive in Probolinggo train station around 4.30pm on Friday February 2nd and want to get to Cemoro Lawang the same day. I have read a lot about that the busses will not be available after 4pm. Others say that there are not as many busses as before 4pm, but there are still some that can bring you up to Cemoro Lawang?

    Can you confirm any of these informations or can you give us some advice for our situation?

    P.S.: Thanks for all the information on this website. It helped us a lot already.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Yudi

    Public transport to Cemoro Lawang, Bromo.
    Normally ini morning have reguler mini bus to Cemoro Lawang ( local name : ELF)
    price rp.25.000,- per person.
    But on condition full pesangger around 15 people.
    Of less than 15 people usually driver want to contract price Rp. 300.000 until 350.000,- so cost Will be share number of people on bus.
    So..of just 2 people , driver want get pay 150.000 per person.
    But, in evening price Will be double .
    My advice make negotition with driver to get good price.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for the answer, Mr Yudi.
      You can ask Mr Yudi for the Bromo tour.
      He can also pick up you at the train station.
      He is an honest person and experienced as the Bromo tour operator.
      You can use his services.

  4. Sam

    He Kunzyogya,

    All your advices are so helpfull …:)

    Is that possible to have more information about Mr Yudi (about Bromo tours /shuttle services ).
    Is it possible to have iw what’s app number or email ,please .

    Thank you !

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Sam,

      Well, if you read the article carefully i already provide his Whatsapp number above.
      Here Mr Yudi number: +62823 3157 6900.

  5. Sam

    Hello again Kunzyogya ,

    For train, is that possible to book ticket same day than the travel ?

    I’m thinking of the course between Probolinggo to Karangasem …

    Do you thiking is that possible on Mutiara Timur Pagi ,?

    Or in Sri Tanjung ?

    Thank you ! Have a nice day !

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hello Sam,

      Sorry, i don’t understand the point of your question.
      Just info, there are some train from Probolinggo to Karangasem, Banyuwangi.
      You can use these train:
      Probowangi, departure: 6:44 AM.
      Tawang Alun, departure: 7 PM.
      Sri Tanjung, departure: 4.20 PM.
      Mutiara Timur Pagi, departure: 11:04 AM.
      Mutiara Timur Malam, departure: 11:58 PM.
      Wijayakusuma, departure: 2:29 AM.

      1. Sam

        Hello Kunzyogya ,

        we dont’t know exactly how many days we want to stay in Bromo ,so
        the point of the question is : is it possible to book a a train ticket the same day that you want to take the train , or will it be all-booked allrady some days in advance ?
        and the question is especially concerning the course between Probolinggo to Karangasem .

        Thank you again !

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          Hello Sam,

          Normally backpacker/traveler just stay one night only.
          After arrive Probolinggo city, traveler go to hotel and stay.
          In the early morning around 3 AM wake up and start go to sunrise point.
          After watched sunrise, you explore Bromo volcano.
          You will pass desert and hike the volcano.
          Before mid day i think you should already finish it all because it just a small volcano.
          In the mid day you already arrive back at your hotel and check out.
          After that you can go to train station an catch the train to Karangasem station.

          You can’t book a train ticket in the same day you want to leave,
          but you can buy it in train station directly if they still have a slot.

          You can book it at least one day before you leaving.
          You can book a train ticket via or
          You can also buy it in Indomaret (local 7 eleven shop).

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