Tourist Information Centre

– All Details to Know About Tourist Information Center in Yogyakarta –


The role given by the Government Tourist Information Centre Malioboro to foreign travelers



Address: Jl Malioboro No. 16 Yogyakarta (Downtown)




You can use Trans Jogja Bus. Ticket only IDR 3,500. First, you must go to halte bus/bus stop of Trans Jogja. Then, you must reach to Malioboro halte (halte Malioboro). Then, take a walk to the street. Ask to the operator if you still confused. Operator will glad to give information. :-)

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take Route 1A – Stop in Malioboro 2 shelter (halte Malioboro)
From Tugu Railway Station :
Just take a walk, very close
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take Route 3B – Stop in Jokteng Wetan halte/shelter
then, please take Route 2B – Stop in Kantor Pos Besar halte/shelter, then take a walk
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Malioboro 2 shelter (halte Malioboro)

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.


Strong signal for your smartphone.




+62 274 587486



14 thoughts on “Tourist Information Centre

  1. Anke Claessens


    i just booked the tour 3 days and 2 night for Bromo and the Ijen. I just pay the driver and that was fine. But in the evening they asked for 1 person 350,000 entree for the bromo. I thought okey so it was 700,000 for 2 persons but then I spoke to other people about it and the other tourguide and he sayd just 220,000 voor the bromo per person. So that means that we payd 130,000 more per person.. I don’t understand it and i think it is really not fair. But I can’t prove it so that is pitty! But I really wanna let you know.

    So I hope I can still have the money back for me and my travelmate.

    Kind regards,
    Anke Claessens

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      You put the comment in the wrong article/post.
      You should put it in here:
      Anyway, i will reply your comment.

      What happened to you was happened to my friend too.
      She is Spanish and she booked the tour at Tourist Information Centre in Malioboro street.
      Then, what happened to her was quiet similar like your.
      But more worst, the driver get crazy and angry.
      Even threatened her and other traveler who didn’t want to pay.
      After she text me about what happened to her,
      i report that “case” to Tourist Information Centre in Malioboro.
      But, the officer just give some words without action or any solutions.
      It was out of their authority, since it was happened in other province.
      They can not do anything.
      Also, Bromo come under National park of Bromo, Tengger & Semeru.
      Managed by forestry department.
      It was not managed by Tourism department.
      So, they can not do anything to fix it.
      After that, i didn’t want to debate to the officer in Tourist Information Centre.

      Well, Indonesia is developing country.
      We still fighting to eliminate corruption and mafia in here.
      Those crimes is happened in whole structure, level and department in Indonesia.
      I hope you to be able to receive and understand what and why it was happened to you.
      As Indonesian and in the name of nation, please forgive us.
      I believe someday we can be better and be a great nations.


  2. Jean

    May I know which train station can go to probollingo?tugu or stasium?
    And second question is if the probollingo is the most area close to Bromo?
    3.where can I book the train ticket?
    thanks in advance

    Best regards,

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hello Jean,

      Actually i already wrote the information that you need.
      To Probolinggo city, you can take ‘Sri Tanjung’ train at ‘Lempuyangan’ railway station.
      Here the info about ‘Lempuyangan stasiun’:

      There are 2 city that close to Bromo volcano:
      1. Probolinggo city.
      2. Malang city.
      Here the information to reach those city:

      You can booking the train ticket in the end of the article that i put widget for booking a train.


      Roni K

      1. Jean

        Thank you soooo much
        May I have an Addtional question?
        how can I go to Lombok after Ijen volvano trekking?

        Best Regards,


        1. kunzyogya Post author

          You’re welcome, Jean.
          Sure, you can ask more question,
          i’m glad answering question from the travelers.

          From Ijen, East Java to Lombok?
          First, you need to reach ‘Ketapang, Banyuwangi’ harbour (dock port).
          Get the Ferry (IDR 8k) per person, after 30 minutes you will arrived at Gilimanuk harbour/dock port:

          then you have take a walk to get a bus (IDR 45k – 55k) per person from Gilimanuk to Ubung bus station, Denpasar:

          Then, change the bus from Ubung bus station to Padang Bai harbour/dock port (IDR 40k -60k) per person:

          Get the Ferry (IDR 44k) per person, after 4 -6 hours trip you will arrived at Lembar harbour/dock port.
          Hola, you already in Lombok island.
          You can continue to your next destination.
          Have a nice trip! 🙂

          1. Jean

            Sorry for another question is which city I can fly to Lombok after Ijen?Because the itineral by bus and ship is too complicated to reach.


            Best Regards,

          2. kunzyogya Post author

            Sure, no problem.
            Ok, understood.
            You can take a flight from Banyuwangi to Lombok.
            There are 2 airlines for this route services.
            Wings air and Garuda Indonesia.
            Have a nice flight! 🙂

  3. Jean

    Dear ,
    Thanks for the details information as above. It seems a little bit complicated process.
    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Jean,

      Well, it’s backpacker’s way.
      Lowering the budget as cheap as possible.
      Have a nice day too.


      Roni K

  4. Nita

    Hi, May i know to whom should i report for fraudulent case by tourist agent. Deposit payment done without ticket flight provided.
    Pleasa help.

    Thank u.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      May i know where you bought the ticket flight?
      Do you know the name of the tourist agent and the address?

      If the tourist agent is not online or fixed place in Yogyakarta.
      You can report it to Police station and tourist information center.
      Then together with the police you go to the tourist agent.
      Ask them to pay back your money.
      I hope it can solve your problem.

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