– All Details to Know About Jomblang Cave –



You should trying rappelling to the cave. This “crazy & dangerous” rappelling is very deep vertical cliff, about 30 meter to the bottom of the cave. Trying rappelling at Jomblang cave can lift up your adrenaline and be best experience in whole your life.

You can see two different vegetation between the land above it and the bottom of the cave.
Very interesting, you feel like live in the jungle thousand years ago when you reach bottom of the cave. Can you imagine?

You can see the most beautiful light inside the cave, The Heaven Light.
The most wanted thing by people who visit this cave.
The best time to see Heaven Light at 11.30 am – 12.30 pm.

You visiting exotic place with nice view. Quiet and peaceful.
You also can hear the sound of the flow water, birds and the sound of echo.
Not much water in the surface, but so many water inside the cave.

If you like outdoor exercise, you might love this place.
You need climb down the cave by rappelling, then doing caving.
You need a lot of energy, courage and concentration to climb down this cave.





Jomblang is a vertical cave with thick ancient forest inside there. A forest with different vegetation from the land above it. The cave was formed by geological process when the soil and all vegetations on it crumbled some thousands years ago. The vegetations still exist cause of water from Kalisuci river at the bottom of the cave. A 300 meter street with its attractive all-natural accessory will certainly bring you to the edge of Gua Grubug (Grubug Cave), an area where you can see light from paradise.



*) It’s really like a big hole and deep. You need to pay attention when walking or standing in the edge of Jomblang cave.


Village (Desa): Jetis, Pacarejo
Sub-district (Kecamatan): Semanu
Regency (Kabupaten): Gunung Kidul
Province (Provinsi): Yogyakarta

About 60km or 1.5 hours to east from downtown Yogyakarta.



You can use Trans Jogja to Giwangan bus station (Terminal bis Giwangan), ticket about IDR3500. Then change bus, from Giwangan bus station to  Wonosari city, and then you have to change to small bus to Semanu. Then you ask to “kernet” (The man whom you will pay the bus ticket) that you will stop on Suci river bridge (Jembatan Kali Suci). and then continue taxi motor to the cave. Better you rent a car or motorcycle for cheap one. Invite local person as guide (Couchsurfer) for good reason.

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take Route 3B – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Semanu – Stop at Kalisuci bridge
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Jomblang cave
From Tugu Railway Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Semanu – Stop at Kalisuci bridge
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Jomblang cave
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Semanu – Stop at Kalisuci bridge
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Jomblang cave
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station.
Then, take a small bus to Semanu – Stop at Kalisuci bridge
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Jomblang cave

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.

**) It’s tiring and wasting time if you use public transport because you have to change the bus again and again, also the bus sometime waiting for passenger until full loaded . Better you rent a car or motorcycle for cheap one.  It will take 1.5 -2 hours to reach the site.

***) 500 meters to the cave the road so rocky and slippery in wet season. Don’t use scooter cause it just small tire, choose the big one or take a car for better.



*) There is no stairs or other way to reach Jomblang cave. You need rappelling through this way. No other options.


IDR 450,000/person —> IDR 500K per person. (All in, include insurance). Need 5 person at least.
IDR 350,000 for children under 10 years old —> IDR 400K per child per 1st May 2018.

*)The price include boots, helmet, headlamp, life jacket, harness, guide, lunch & insurance.

**) Here i provide the whole entrance fee of the sights in and around Yogyakarta. So, you can calculate your budget and planning your visit.

***) Update price: Per 1st May 2018 the entrance fee become IDR 500K per person. IDR 400K per child under 10 years old.

The way to the cave from Grubug cave:


*) The way from Grubug cave no longer available.


9 A.M – 1.30 P.M

*) Actually the operator only receive visitors who want go down before 10 am. Otherwise, you can not go down. It’s just only once time per day. Make sure that you arrived before 10 am. So, you won’t missed to go down.

**) The best time: The time to go inside into cave is designed to get best angle of heaven light (11.30 – 12.00). Don’t worry you will get the best angle of heaven light as long not rain or cloudy.

***) The Jomblang cave available for 75 visitors only in a day.

****) Jomblang cave will be closed if heavy rain happened on the site/location.


*) September 8th, 2017 Jomblang cave closed.

**) 28 November 2017 and the next days Jomblang cave will be closed due to Cempaka cyclone. Jomblang cave will  be open on 2nd December 2017.

***) 18 March 2019 and the next days Jomblang cave will be closed due to Savannah cyclone. Jomblang cave will  be open on ? March 2019.

****) Jomblang cave will be closed on April 17th, 2019 due to Indonesian general election.

*****) Jomblang cave still open on Eid Al-Adha (11-12 August 2019). But, it will close on 9 August 2019.

The way to the cave & Ancient forest:


*) Even it looks so scary cause so deep, it’s safe actually. The manager, Mr. Cahyo Alkantana is a speleologist and work for National Geographic for many years. He training the worker and the operator very well. You don’t have to worry about the safety. Beside, there will be safety talk before climb down the cave. Anyway, it’s insurance included actually.


Minimum: 5 years old
Maximum: 60 years old

Minimum: xx Kg
Maximum: 150 Kg

Maximum: 75 visitors per day


shorts and a T-shirt or even change into swimming apparel.

*) The manager of Jomblang caving suggest to the traveler to bring extra clothes.

**) My suggestion is bring your towel. After clean up your body from mud/dirty, take a shower, you will need towel, right? So, you need extra clothes and towel.

Trekking sandals or beach shoes, waterproof pocket for camera/cell phone.

*) They will provide boots, helmet, headlamp, life jacket, harness & guide.

**) Please check the inside of the boots before you wearing it. Make sure there is no animals/creature inside of the boots. Such as insects, snail, centipede, scorpion or maybe snake. This place is far away from resident. So, wild animal can go inside of your boots looking for warm (comfort) place.

Inside cave + Ancient forest:



There are weak signal for your cell phone.

There is only one recommended cafe.

*) They will provide free lunch.

Some bathroom and toilet


*) If you like quiet sensation, better you do not visit on weekend. They will only receive 25 persons per day. Just to keep/save the cave from exploitation (local wisdom).

**) Update info: 25 persons is 2 years ago. Today they will receive 75 persons per day.  For booking / reservation you can text me via Whatsapp on +6281 2277 0029. No need deposit for booking and you pay on the site.



*) The Jomblang cave management changed their policy again and again. Seems they looking the best way to manage it since it become popular and crowded on the peak season.

**) Finally they remove book in advance system since it become problem on the site. What you need to do is arrive early on the site, pay the entrance fee and get the queue number on the site. All the website/blog that claimed able to book in advance for the Jomblang cave or offering the Jomblang slot are fake. Even the site that claimed as official site of Jomblang cave is fake one. The owner of Jomblang cave, Mr Cahyo already confirmed about this.


You can combine to visit these places when you visiting Jomblang cave:

1. Kalisuci cave tubing (10 minutes from Jomblang).
2. Pindul cave tubing (30 minutes from Jomblang).
3. Beaches (1 hour from Jomblang).
4. Pari Gogo restaurant (red rice restaurant), 15 minutes from Jomblang.
5. Lamb satay (skewers & grill) restaurant at Munggi market (15 minutes from Jomblang).


1. JOMBLANG CAVE private & custom tour:

If you need private car transport or ‘custom tour’, you can contact me.
My old brother is a driver, he drive so gently and can speak english very well.
All in package (car, driver & gasoline) to Jomblang cave = Rp550.000. Maximum 5 persons for one car. Departing from Yogyakarta at 7.00 am.

*) The tours not include entrance fee of Jomblang cave.
**) You can add cave tubing (Pindul or Kalisuci) after Jomblang cave exploration.
***) Add Timang beach will be any additional cost IDR50K


yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_2_krisna_jomblang_1 Yogya-backpacker_driver_8_Heru_profile_photo_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_10_yuli_jomblang_1

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_10_yuli_jomblang_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_guest_1 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_8_Heru_jomblang_1 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_8_Heru_jomblang_3 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_7 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_8

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_1  yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_5

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_1 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_8_Heru_jomblang_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_11_nomox_jomblang_3

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_1 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_guest_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_3

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_guest_5 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_2 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_3 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_10_yuli_jomblang_guest_3

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_guest_1 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_guest_7 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_6_jaya_jomblang_guest_5 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_8_Heru_jomblang_4 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_10_yuli_jomblang_philippines_guest_4

yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_guest_3 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_13_iskandar_jomblang_guest_4 yogya-backpacker_tour_driver_10_yuli_jomblang_guest_1



Check the schedule of YBP ‘custom tour’ to get cheaper by join and share the tour with other traveler.
Or you can check it to see the itinerary from other travelers:

Schedule of Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2016.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2017.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2018.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2019 (Private & Share Cost).xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2020 (Private & Share Cost).xlsx

*) Click tabs of the month that you want to check. 
**) If the schedule did not show on your phone, you need to update your browser that compatible to Google spreadsheet or Google Docs.


*) All tours not include entrance fee of the sights.
**) Please, be ready in 15 minutes before pick up time.

Yogya-Backpacker (YBP) Driver Team

*) You may choose which one to be your driver.


Please, send these data if you want to book our services:

    • Name:
    • Country:
    • Number of pax:
    • Hotel (Pickup location):
    • Phone number:
    • Date of Tour:
    • Tour type: Private/Share Cost










Find other gems in Jogja and around that you never knew existed. Here they are:

1. Borobudur temple
2. Prambanan temple
3. Jomblang cave
4. Ramayana ballet
5. Merapi volcano (Hiking)
6. Merapi volcano (Lava Tour by Jeep)
7. Sultan palace and Water castle
8. Timang beach + Gondola
9. Ratu Boko temple
10. Malioboro street



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116 thoughts on “JOMBLANG CAVE (Goa Jomblang) + ANCIENT FOREST + HEAVEN LIGHT

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      The last time i visited Jomblang cave was 2 years ago with two my friends.
      They have policy that we should at least 5 persons to go inside.
      I don’t know if they have change their policy.
      Here phone number that you can contact them, yes ask to them first.
      Phone: +62 811 11x xxx (He don’t want his number is published, so he trust on me to receive the booking)

      Oh, i just got text reply from him.
      Rp 450.000/person. Include guide, vertical tools, lunch, IAG insurrance.
      Exclude transport.
      Pay cash on location.
      Departing from Yogya at 7.30 am, arrived Jomblang at 9.30 am.
      Start caving at 10.30 am, finished 1.30 pm
      On weekend you will met another traveller with the same interest.

      If you need transport, you can contact me.
      Here my number: +6281 2277 0029 (Whatsapp)
      All in package (car, driver & gasoline) to Jomblang cave = Rp500.000. Maximum 5 persons for one car. Departing from Yogya at 7.30 am.

      1. kunzyogya Post author

        Update info:
        The Jomblang change the booking policy.
        Today no need booking Jomblang slot.
        You just need arrive early on the site,
        then pay the entrance fee and get the queue number.
        All the booking site offering the Jomblang slot are fake.
        The owner & management of Jomblang already confirmed it to me.

  1. naimkakijalan

    Berharap bangat bisa kemari during vising Yogyakarta. How about 2 person only ? Do we need awaiting another group to go inside cave? It may take time awaiting 🙁

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Today they can accepted even for 1 person only.
      As long you arrived there before 10 am.
      Otherwise, you can not to go inside of the cave.
      So, it just only one time in a day.
      Yes, it’s a must that you have to arrived before 10 am.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          Thank you, Naim.
          The entry fee is 450K/pax actually.
          Include guide, vertical tools, lunch, IAG insurance.

  2. Levina


    May i know, roughly how long will the whole exploration takes if let’s save i’m able to reach and enter into the cave?

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      It’s about 2 – 2.5 hours for whole cave exploration.
      Start on 10.00 am. Finish on 12.30 pm.

  3. ghiraya

    hye dear, i have trip to yogyakarta from surabaya. so i travel from surabaya to there by train and reached about 00.30 a.m. So what do you think if i want start my travel to this place. How i can be there?

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Refer to your message on whatsapp.
      I suggest you to visit Kalisuci cave tubing first, then Jomblang cave, then Timang beach (Gondola) and Bintang hill sunset.
      Departing from Yogya city at 5.30 am.

      Well, to save your money you can stay at railway station.
      But, don’t go out/exit of railway station.
      Once you go out, you can not go inside anymore.
      You can take a rest/sleep at chairs or floor or in the mosque.
      Also it’s free to use toilet. No charges.


  4. seeker

    hi. im interested to book for the jomblang caving activities. i tried to whatsapp you but my whatsapp did not register your number. dont know why. anyhow, my plan for the day is for caving at Jomblang, cave tubing at kalisuci, visit sri gethuk waterfall and Timang Beach. we plan to do this on 28th Aug 2016. appreciate if you can contact me for details.

    thank you

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Hmm…it’s weird.
      Everyday i text message to the travelers around the world by Whatsapp.

      Your plan is not possible to do in one day.
      You have to remove Sri Gethuk waterfall from your list destination.

  5. Mo

    Hi I’m interested in the caving. I plan to ride motorbike to there. Do I have to book in advance in case the visitors over maximum number? Or can I just try to arrive there before 10 am and only pay the entry fee? Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      On the peak season booking in advance is totally not working.
      It’s very crowded, the operator just concern to the traveler who come first.
      They don’t care about booking in advance.
      Today, they will provide queue number for the traveler who already arrive, register and pay the entrance fee.
      So, i recommend you to arrive at Jomblang cave on 9 am.
      You will be the first who climb down the cave. No queue, not crowded. 🙂
      So, you have to leave/depart from Yogya (hotel) on 7 am.
      But, if you don’t know about the place,
      i recommend you to leave earlier.
      So, you won’t arrive more than 9 am.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, my old brother is a driver.
      He get used to bring the traveler to Jomblang cave.
      Also the owner of Jomblang cave trust on me to receive the booking.
      You can contact me on +628122770029 (Whatsapp).
      Send me the date of visit, your name, your nationality, number of traveler.

      1. kunzyogya Post author

        Update info:
        The Jomblang change the booking in advance policy.
        Today no need booking Jomblang slot.
        You just need arrive early on the site,
        then pay the entrance fee and get the queue number.
        All the booking site offering the Jomblang slot are fake.
        The owner & management of Jomblang already confirmed about this new policy.

  6. Tomo kobayashi

    I am in Kota tua now.
    And I will carry bicycle in train and go to Yogyakarta by train.
    And then I will cycle to wonosari from Yogyakarta to stay and next day I will go to jomblang cave .
    I want to explore in cave and go to deep cave . Can I do by myself?
    Or do I need guide people?

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Tomo Kobayashi,

      It’s nice plan. I also love cycling.
      You should arrive at Jomblang before 10 am.
      Or on 9 am for better, to get first climbing without queuing other visitor.

      Well, to climb down the cave you need special tools and gears.
      You can not go down by your self, it’s vertical cave.
      You need other person to help you.
      That’s why the operator/management of Jomblang cave offer the tour.
      It’s include the tools and gears, guide, insurance, lunch, etc.


  7. rebecca

    Hello Sir,

    Firstly, thank you for the amazing writeup for Jomblang Cave.

    can i check the price of transport of your brother from Yogyakarta (hotel) to Jomblang to Parangritis Beach to Yogyakarta (hotel)?

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Well, Jomblang cave and Parangtritis beach is on different direction actually.
      Jomblang cave in the east side of Yogya, Parangtritis beach is in the south side of Yogya.

      You can asking me by text me via Whatsapp for the price.


    1. kunzyogya Post author

      There are two scenario or option for you.
      1. Visit Jomblang cave first, then cave tubing at Kalisuci. Start from Yogya on 7.30 am. Arrived at your hotel in Yogya at 5 pm.
      2. Visit Kalisuci cave first, then Jomblang cave. Start from Yogya on 6 am. Arrived at your hotel in Yogya on 3 pm.

      If you in hurry, better take option number 2 and make sure your driver already call Kalisuci management to prepare the tools and the guide.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, you need read the comment above carefully because it will and already answer your question.
      Minimum age to go down the cave is 5 years old.
      It mean 10 years old able to do this. 🙂

  8. NZ

    Very useful and informative website.
    Is there any special price of Jomblang entrance fee for children age 8 and 9 years old?
    Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you, NZ.
      For Jomblang cave entrance fee is IDR 450k per pax for adult.
      For children under 10 years is IDR 350k per pax.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      From Lempuyangan railway station take to the east direction to Wonosari city.
      If you ride a bike, better use Waze apps or Google maps as your guidance to the Jomblang cave.

  9. Jan

    Hi! Great website for Jomblang cave information.
    May I ask if it is possible to explore Jomblang cave and cave tubing for 2 days. I mean 2nd day will be departing back in the afternoon. Thanks! Im planning to travel there on the upcoming month. May I know the peak seasons?

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      You can explore it for 2 days.
      But, you can explore those places in one day only actually.
      Make sure you arrive in the right time for visiting Jomblang cave.
      They just open on specific time only. Before 10 am.
      Otherwise, you can not climb down the cave.

      The peak seasons of Jomblang cave on July, August & September.

  10. Elise

    Pak, follow the tour code K88 stated IDR185K per person but from excel schedule is IDR550K total cost, may I know what is the difference?

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      You need to read the note below the Jomblang transport offer.
      *) It’s group of tour, not private tour. Minimum 3 person in one car.
      IDR 550k divided by 3 person = IDR 185k per person.

      1. kunzyogya Post author

        Today the Jomblang cave tour K88 is IDR 150K per person.
        It’s group of tour.
        Fetch time: 6 am – 7 am.
        Include: car, petrol, spoke english driver, light breakfast + mineral water, pick up & drop off hotel.
        Exclude: Jomblang entrance fee.

        The private tour cost today is IDR 500K per day per car, not per person.
        Include: car, petrol, spoke english driver, pick up & drop off hotel, parking fee.
        Exclude: entrance fee, meals.

  11. Judith

    Is it possible to visit the Jomblang Cave and Pantai Timang on one day from Yogyakarta? I’m a solo traveller.

  12. Yohan


    i would like to have Jomblang Cave and then Timang Beach tour on 27/5/17, Saturday.
    Do you have a driver on that day?

    as I’m a solo traveller, i’d be happy to share the cost with other travellers to share the cost.

  13. June


    I and my friends in total of 6 people will be visiting to Yogjakarta this coming Oct. While we are still planing on our itinerary actually. But referring your recommendation on below:

    “I suggest you to visit Kalisuci cave tubing first, then Jomblang cave, then Timang beach (Gondola) and Bintang hill sunset.
    Departing from Yogya city at 5.30 am.”

    Is it possible to visit above activities in one day from Yogyakarta? And how is transport planning since we are 6 people on total?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Yes, possible visit above activities in one day from Yogyakarta.
      But, you have to start on 5.30 am and take sandwich or bread for breakfast in the car.
      Then, your driver should contact Kalisuci cave tubing operator first before arrive,
      So, when you arrive it will be ready to start the activity and not waste your time.

      The car can fit for 7 people actually, but for comfort reason is 5 people.
      If you and your friend has small body size like south east asian people,
      i think it doesn’t matter.
      It can fit for 7 persons.

      You’re welcome.

  14. Allison Klein

    I checked your schedule excel spreadsheet and I only confirmed for July 12th for the Jomblang Cave and Kelcici and I believe we are doing the silver neighborhood on am not sure yet what we are doing on July 11th so please put a question by july 11. Also can you send me the itinerary we have planned for July 12th. I was not able to add you to Whats app. message me via Facebook? Thanks
    Allison Light Klein

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Allison,

      You’re correct.
      I already check our message in the previous mail,
      and i already remove July 11th in our schedule excel spreadsheet.
      Thank you for your active participation for checking our schedule.
      Roni Kunz

  15. June

    Hi morning

    I would like to have private transportation on our iteniary from 4/10/17 to 8/10/17. Do you have a driver on these days?

    Can I email you personally to discuss more in details? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  16. Sam


    Just wanna check with you is Jomblang cave operating on 18 September 2017 as i see you write it is closed on September 8th.

    Thank you

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Do you mean the entrance fee or the transport?
      If entrance fee, here the answer:
      Jomblang cave is IDR 450K per person.
      Kalisuci cave tubing is IDR 70K per person.

      If you ask the the transport, here the answer:
      Short Isuzu Elf is IDR 900K per car. (can fit for 11 persons).
      Toyota Hiace is IDR 1200K per car. (can fit for 15 persons).

  17. YS

    Hi, Thank you for the very informative articles in your website. May I know if I can rent a car (2 pax only) without a driver? we’re planning to drive on our own. but the car rental we found in the internet includes driver. Is that possible to drive on our own ? appreciate if you can update us on the rough budget for car rental without driver. Thank You !

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      We don’t rent a car without driver since the road to Jomblang cave is rocky and slippery after rain.
      It will be to risky for you and our car.
      So, we don’t rent a car without driver.

      If your issue is a budget transport,
      then you can check our schedule.
      You can share the cost with other travelers.
      Check our schedule here:
      Then you can text me via Whatsapp to join and share the cost with other travelers.

      1. Muhamad N

        The excel schedule that you posted is not updated to the current month? I can only see March schedule.

        ps: we are currently planning trip to jogja in November

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          The excel schedule is always updated.
          I update it everyday.
          You need to click the November tabs.
          Then scroll down and you will found Car #1 till Car #5 schedule.

  18. Sya

    Hello ! Very informative site ! I love it ! I was wondering, I know that January has been raining a lot, are the activities still able to continue ? (Jomblang cave, Merapi Jeep ride, Cave tubing, Gondola at TImang beach)
    Does the rain affect the actitivities such that I cannot enjoy myself ? Hoping to get a reply from you !

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you!
      Those activities still able to continue if just little rain only.
      But, if heavy rain you can not do the activities (Jomblang cave, Cave tubing & Gondola).
      Better you prepare and bring your own raincoat/poncho.

      1. Sya

        Thank you so much for your reply ! I am excited as my trip is in a few days time. How has the weather been so far ? Has it been heavy rain because on the google internet, it states that it is raining everyday

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          You’re welcome.
          Hmm…currently i’m in Bali.
          So, i have no idea about Yogyakarta weather so far.
          But, on mid January i will be back to Jogja.

  19. Soon

    Hi, my family and I (includes 4 elderly) are interested in participating in this Jomblang caving activity. Would like to find out from you if this vertical repelling down to the sink hole is dangerous / muddy / slippery in March and if it’s ok for our parents to go (>70 years old)?

    Kindly advise.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      >70 years old is ok as long your parents is fit and has good stamina.
      It means able to walk around the soccer field for two times.

      In this month, January the Jomblang cave a little bit slippery.
      On March i think it will less raining,
      So, it means not so slippery.

      1. Soon

        Appreciate your prompt reply. Was reading the threads above and it’s mentioned that we can’t do advanced booking for this activity? Admission to the cave is based on first come first served basis and it’s advisable to reach there at 9am? Kindly advise.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          Yes, it’s true.
          It’s their policy today.
          So, you don’t need to book Jomblang cave in advance.
          Just arrive on 9 AM, register, pay the fee and get your queue number.

  20. Mii

    Hi, I would like to reserve Jomblang Cave tour for 3 adults on Apr. 7, could you provide the details and price to my email? thanks.

  21. Sim

    Hi, thank you very much for your information.

    I am a solo traveler, i would like to ask any Jomblang cave and Timang beach tour i can join on 1 Apr (only the full day i will be in Yogyakarta, thank you very much!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      As you can see in our schedule, there is no one book to those destinations on 1st April 2018.
      You can check it here:

      But, you can open the trip.
      Then i will put your name and the destinations in our schedule.
      So, other traveler can see, join & share the transport cost with you.
      If no body join with you, then you may cancel the tours.
      You’re welcome.

      1. Sim

        Okay, Please help me open a trip on this (just one person), My name is Sim, if need further info, please let me know, thank you very much!

  22. Wani

    Hye, we are from malaysia (4peson) and will visit yogya 7/4-11/4. We plan to jomblang cave on 9/4..may i know the latest package and activities you are provide with price

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, it’s depend on your choice actually.
      If you want combine Jomblang cave and Kalisuci cave or Pindul cave.
      The transport fee will be IDR 550K per car per day, not per person.
      If you want combine Jomblang cave and Timang beach.
      The transport fee will be IDR 600K per car per day, not per person.
      Include: Car, petrol, speak english driver, pick up & drop off hotel.
      Exclude: Entrance fee of the sights, meals, car parking fee.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          It will start on 7.30 AM from your hotel,
          gooing direct to Jomblang cave.
          After arrive on the site,
          Yu will register, safety talk, put on tools & gears.
          Then explore the cave.
          You will finish, clean up and take a lunch.
          And you will leave Jomblang cave on 1.30 PM.
          Then go direct to Kalisuci cave.
          You will do cave tubing on Kalisuci river,
          finish and leave Kalisuci cave on 3.30 PM.
          You will arrive back to your hotel around 5 PM.

          1. kunzyogya Post author

            It’s not enough time if you add Timang beach into the itinerary.
            If you wanna those activities in one day,
            you can follow this itinerary:
            Start on 6 AM from your hotel.
            Then our driver will make appointment with Kalisuci operator,
            so the operator will ready in the early morning.
            After cave tubing at Kalisuci,
            you can continue to Jomblang cave.
            After Jomblang cave finish,
            you can continue to Timang beach.
            So, you can get three destinations in one day.
            But, i can’t promise you if cave tubing at Kalisuci is available in the early morning.
            Sometime our driver already make appointment with Kalisuci operator.
            But, when arrive on the site, no body there.
            They are still sleeping.
            Yeah, they are sometime stupid and not professional. 🙂
            So, that’s why i can’t promise to you.

  23. Wani

    If like that better no.. Thank you for ur info.. Very helpfull..may i ask something.. Can u suggest famous place ti visit?

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Jomblang cave, Timang beach, Prambanan temple, Borobudur temple, Malioboro street and Sultan palace are famous place.

  24. Syahidatul Azwa Zulkeply

    Hi Kunzyogya,
    If it is only me and one of my friends, can we both go down the cave together? Or need to go one by one? 🙂

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, it’s depend on the total of your weight actually.
      The Jomblang cave operator will decide whether possible to do tandem rappelling or not.
      I saw many time that small & skinny Singaporean girls go down the cave together (tandem).
      So, it’s possible to do as long your total weight not more than the strengthness of the rope.
      The Jomblang operator will help you,
      he will calculate, analyze and decide whether possible to do for tandem or not.

  25. Sean Kyuwon Kim

    Hello, I’m planning to visit Jomblag Cave August 7th 2018. I wanted to ask for the price and activity and how to reserve!

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      The entrance fee is IDR 500K per person.
      No need to reserve the Jomblang slot.
      Just departing from Yogyakarta on 7 AM.
      Then get the queue number when you arrive on the cave.

      If you need transport (car + driver) you can send message to me:
      [email protected]
      Whatsapp: +628122770029

  26. Emilie

    Hello Roni !

    I come back to you after the tour i did with Iskandar a month ago, to let you know that it was perfect, everything went really good !
    Thanks to his advice i could know better about the plans i had for the rest of my trip and the day we had with Mangunan and Jomblang was long and nice.

    Thank you for bringing us in touch and for all your quick answers to my emails.

    Have a nice evening.

    Best regards


    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hello Emilie !

      Glad to know that you had really good day with Iskandar.
      Well, combined Jomblang & Mangunan wasn’t long compare to Jomblang & Timang actually.
      Thank you for booked Jomblang cave tour + transport with us.

      Have a nice evening, Emilie! 🙂

      Roni Kuncoro

  27. Marie

    Hello, we’re back in Singapore already!

    Would really like to thank you for coordinating our trip with Jaya. 🙂

    The tour was well planned and Jaya was on time despite the early hours!

    He could speak English well, and though it’s our first time visiting Jomblang cave, we didn’t feel lost at all! He was very nice and helped to make sure that we got our boots/helmets!

    Jaya was also very attentive to our needs and knowing that we didn’t get breakfast, he stopped us at a great spot to pack breakfast.

    Also, he saved our trip to Borobudor! We didn’t know that a passport/ ID was required, but he reminded us to bring it even though he wasn’t our driver to Borobudor! Really appreciate his help in making sure our travel was hassle free.

    Thank you once again! 😊

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hello, Marie.

      Good to know that you already back in Singapore.
      Jaya is a humble and caring driver.
      Well, all of our driver will do the same things actually,
      they will take care of your needs on the Jomblang cave. 😉

      Thank you for use and trusted to our tour services.
      Have a nice day, Marie!

  28. QY

    Hello This is QY.we want to go to Jomblang cave Timang beach in one day. we need to catch the fight at 18:55. so we need to arrive airport before 17:30. as i know, there are two ways to arrive the two places–motoebike and private car. so i want to know: 1. we go there by motorbike how long it will take from Yogyakarta to the cave and from cave to Timang and the time back to the Yogyakarta. 2. if we book a private car to go this two price how much of that. 3. if we book a car tour could the drive take us to airport and we may put our luggage in the car. 4. the price of Jomblang cave ticket and Timang ticket. Also we need a car tour for BOROBUDUR and Prambanan. one of us will need to be pick up from Yogyakarta go to Borobudur, and when we finish the trip in Borobudur, we will go to Prambanan and then back to the hotel in Yogyakarta. so how much it will take for two days private car booking. looking forward your reply.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi QY,

      It’s too long if i explain in here.
      Please get in touch with me through email or Whatsapp.
      Thank you.

      Roni Kunz

  29. Cameron R

    Nomox was assigned as my driver by Roni for the Jomblang Cave and cave tubing trip. He was the best driver I ever had in my Indonesia trip. He was so nice and very interactive. I was traveling solo and he became my friend suddenly. We even shared stories about our families and lives. I will definitely use him again whenever I come back to Yogyakarta.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      I’m sure Nomox is a nice and humble person.
      I hope you don’t mind when our driver talk about your families.
      Sometime they just don’t realized when it broke a privacy.
      Well, our culture and yours so different.
      Our people common asking about family to a new person.
      Thank you for share your experience and thank you for use our services.

  30. Frank

    Nice information, very useful. Weldone, Roni.
    Do you think they have a locker at Jomblang cave?
    We may have 4 bags and 2 small luggage.
    Do you think Toyota Avanza fit for us?
    We plan go to the airport after the Jomblang cave.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      You’re welcome.
      No, they don’t have any locker.
      All the bags put on the long chair.
      Well, you can put your bags in the car for safety reason.
      I think for 3-4 persons with 4 bags and 2 small luggage still fit in the Toyota Avanza.
      But, more than 4 persons could be a problem.

  31. Intan JFM

    Selamat pagi dik,
    Boleh kah ibu minta informarsi jomblang cave tour,
    Ibuk ada di Jogjakarta, tertarik dengan jomblang tour ini,
    Mohon informasinya yaa,
    thank you,


  32. Ndyyy

    Selamat malam Pak Kuncoro,

    Perkenalkan saya Nindy, saya rencana mau travel bersama teman ke Jogja.

    Mau tanya, kalau tour ke Goa Jomblang, per pax nya perhitungannya gimana yah, Pak? Kami prefer untuk dijemput di hotel. So far, belum ada keputusan fixed akan tinggal di hotel mana, Pak Kuncoro bisa kasih rekomendasi?

    Terimakasih Pak Kuncoro, ditunggu kabarnya.


    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Good evening Nindy,

      The Jomblang cave entrance fee is IDR 500K per pax.
      Include: Boots, helmet, tools & gear, guide, insurance and lunch.
      Exclude: Transport

      For the transport is IDR 550K per car per day, not per person.
      Include: pick up & drop off hotel, car, petrol (gas), driver, parking fee.
      Exclude: entrance fee, meals, drink.

      If you want to book our service, you can contact me:
      Whatsapp: +628122770029
      Email: [email protected]


  33. Leng Ho

    Hi Mr Roni,

    As i see on your Google calendar, 20 November 2018 is a National public holiday.

    Will you able working on that day?
    Do you think Jomblang cave open on that day?
    Thank you.


    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Leng Ho,

      Our tour services available on that day.
      I will ask to the Jomblang owner first (Mr Cahyo).
      Then i will inform you after he reply my message.
      You’re welcome.


      *) Just got reply from him. Yes, Jomblang cave still open on November 20th, 2018.

  34. Taufik

    Dear mas Kuncoro,

    selamat pagi, perkenalkan saya Taufik. saya dapat info trip goa jomblang dari web anda.
    saya berencana untuk trip ke goa jomblang pada 19 November 2018 bersama 2-3 orang teman saya. kami menginap di yogya sehari sebelumnya.

    saya ingin menanyakan dan memastikan,

    1. Jika saya menggunakan jasa private tour, tertera di web di atas harganya 550k/orang all in package namun tidak termasuk biaya masuk goa jomblang. apakah berarti juga tidak termasuk biaya sewa peralatan safety untuk rappeling?

    2. berapa perkiraan biaya yang perlu dikeluarkan untuk rappeling di goa jomblang?

    terima kasih sebelumnya, Mas Kuncoro

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Dear Taufik,

      Thank you for visiting our travel blog.

      1. Private tour services: IDR 550k per car, not per person.
      Including cars, drivers, gasoline, parking fee.
      While the entrance fee for Jomblang cave is IDR 500k per person.
      Including safety equipment for rappeling, guide, lunch and insurance.
      2. Cost:
      Transport fee: IDR 550k
      Cost of Jomblang Cave: IDR 500k x Number of people.
      Total Cost: Transport fee + Cost of Jomblang Cave.


  35. Michelle Goh

    Hello we are from Singapore (2pax) and plan to visit Jomblang cave on 9 Jan 2019, may I know the pricing of the packages you’d offer? And may I have the contact details if I’d like to book your services? Would appreciate an email reply.

    Thank you!

  36. william wong


    may i know is it necessary to book a tour to jomblong cave or can go by own transport?
    if go by own can us purchase the ticket at there and the ticket included what?

    pm email

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Well, you can go by your own transport actually.
      But, the telecommunication signal on the site is very weak.
      Sometime Google map can not working there.
      Also the road to the Jomblang cave a few hundreds meter rocky.
      But, sometime muddy and slippery after raining.
      Better you drive a high transport, not short one.
      Otherwise, the rock will damage your car.
      I recommend you start early since it just 75 people per day only.
      Then you can buy the ticket there.
      Have a great day!

  37. Andi Abo

    Hey, great offer and full of information. I can also see that Bapak is very patient answering all the questions 😊.

    Question, any chance to combine this with a camping trip somewhere?

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, you can combine with a camping at Nglanggeran ancient volcano or some ‘Hutan pinus’ pine forest at Bantul.

      I just ask to the owner of Jomblang cave, Mr Cahyo about the availability of camping in Jomblang cave area.
      I will inform you after he replied my text.

      Update comment:
      I just got text from him.
      Jomblang cave area forbidden for any public camping activities.

  38. Novem


    Just want to inquire how much would it cost for a car rental (good for 4 pax) if we go to Jomblang Cave,Kalisuci Tubing, and Timang Beach. We plan to go there on Feb. 2.

    Thank you,

  39. E. Andrews

    Jaya was an awesome driver and the tour company is very honest, professional, and responds fairly quickly. We absolutely loved our trip to Jomblang Cave, Merapi Volcano, Pindul Cave, Prambanan, and Borobudur. Jaya was informative, patient, and very attentive. Would definitely recommend this company!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for took the Jomblang cave tours.
      We glad that you enjoyed the tours with Mr Jaya.
      I’m sure Mr Jaya is the guy!
      Have a nice day and enjoy your next trip!

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