Driver #9 Profile


His name is Pak Prie.
He is the only one driver who can’t speak english.
That’s why i assigned him only for customer from local or Malay.

He is an old man actually. But, he looks younger.
I have to accepted him to join our team cause of pity reason.
He can’t make money after the company he worked was collapsed.
After that his wife asked for divorce.
What a life!

Pak Prie is a friend that i knew for along time ago.
He is nice and honest person.
I always amazed when he talking.
He always looks fresh, excited and charming when talking.
But, after divorcement he looks without passion.
That’s why my elder brother, Wahyu offering him this job.
This kind of job can make him forgetting his past,
and making money off course.

Wish all the best in your new life!
Happy working, Pak Prie!


PAK PRIE WITH MALAYSIAN TRAVELERS:yogya-backpacker_driver_9_Pak_Prie_profile_with_Malaysian_traveler_1




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