Driver #4 Profile


His name is Mr. Dedy.
I met him in Jomblang cave.
Then i met again in Kalisuci cave.
He approach me to use his service as a driver.


Then i give an explanation to him about our standard manners.
Such as not lift up the price of the entrance fee of the sights,
No texting or calling when driving. (Include Whatsapp/BBM/SMS).
No smoking when driving.
And don’t bring the guest to souvenirs shop, except they ask for it.

Well, i really mind to make revolution in driver mentality.
Since it’s already deface our tourism,
It’s really a must to do a revolution in tourism business.


Anyway, Mr. Dedy is funny guy.
We always laughing when he is around us.
Even his joke sometime feel not logic or feel like laughing you,
don’t be offended.
He just want to make everyone is happy.
That’s his motto: “makes everyone happy”.






Now, i have to teaching him about the difference between privacy & responsibility.
Sometime the local driver thinking about the responsibility to their guests.
The local driver always think that pay attention, accompanying and responsibility are good services for their guests.
Well, it is good.
But, the driver didn’t realize if some of guests need privacy to take their own to the sights.
So, i will fix this issue for customer satisfaction.
I promise it won’t happen again in the next time.
















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5 thoughts on “Driver #4 Profile

  1. Wendyy

    Trustable website and good driver. Joined a tour and was lead by Mr Dedi, he was full of enthusiasm and responsible for his job.
    Got a message from him before hand to remind us what to bring a day before. On the day itself, he took care of the group like a big brother would. Enough attention was given to each of us and he make sure that we stay safe. His enthusiasm lasted the whole day! Amazing! End the day knowing more about Jogja. Good choice to take him in your team! I will for sure recommend this website to anyone visiting jogja!

  2. Cindy

    Very good vibes from the start. Dedi messaged me the night before to remind me what to bring and what time he will be there. He was right on time, full of energy, and was so welcoming and friendly. He made everyone very comfortable, taught us more about Jogja, and was the best! Kindest and funniest driver yet.

  3. Mehul

    We had a fantastic day trip with Dedy to Jomblang caves and Gua Pindul on 8 May 2017. Dedy enthusiastically shared with us information about the sites we were visiting, as well as insights into Javanese culture. He also made sure we were ok throughout the trip, and delighted us by buying us bottles of Coke and bananas, without us asking him to. Dedy has a great sense of humour, and we were at ease throughout. All in all, a great trip. Would highly recommend Dedy!

  4. Huda

    Honest, responsible and attentive, Pak Dedy is also very fun! Truly Highly recommended. Very personable also. Not a day without laughter with him. Thank you!

    From the Singa girls (the Singapore Charlie Angels) lol!!!

  5. Wei Wei

    Truly an amazing driver. Mr Dedi is always on time and never failed in making us laugh. Thanks to him, we are able enjoyed our trip to the max.

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