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His name is Iskandar.
You can call him “Is”.
He is a friend that recommended by Yuli.

He is open minded local guy with some experiences working in the hospitality industry.
He has worked at 5 star hotel for three years.
Then moved to Cruise Line for seven years.

He like to meet people from different region and background.
He love traveling and visit interesting places as much as possible.

Here quote from him:
“Come to Jogja, feel the life, love & the vibe.
I will happy to assist you!”






18 thoughts on “Driver #13 Profile

  1. Sin

    Iskandar is a wonderful person! He is friendly, accommodating, helpful and informative! He was our driver for a day trip that lasted about 10 hrs. He is a fantastic driver and tour guide. We enjoyed our time with him! He let us rest while he drove and took the effort to make conversation when we were awake and well rested. We greatly appreciate his sensibility. 🙂

  2. Maneesh

    Very friendly, informative and soft spoken sums up our experience with Iskandar for our day trip to Borobudur and Prambanan. We would highly recommend his services.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Absolutely agree.
      He spoke british english, not american english.
      Thank you for use & trust to our tours.

  3. Dominika

    The whole tour was great ! Iskandar is very nice, friendly and openminded person. He told us a lot about what we visited in a very interesting way. We spend whole day togerher having fun. He also helped us a lot with buying tickets to temples etc. I really recommend this driver 🙂

  4. Lee

    We had the privilege of having Iskandar as our guide for the day. Took care of us and provided interesting info and recommendations. Thank you and hope to be back again 🙂

  5. Emmelie Muylaert

    I went to Jomblang Cave and went Cave tubbing as well. I had Iskander as driver. He is really fantastic. I got his number the evening before leaving, so he already contacted me to make sure he would pick me up at the right place. He is really friendly and does a chat with you in the car – but if you like to sleep during the drive, that’s Fine for him as well 😉 he went with me to get the tickets at the entrance, he makes you feel comfortabel and does the communication for you as well on the places. He takes pictures from you during the activity where possible, and he sents them to you as well. I really had a great time with him, so I can definately recommond him!!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for share your experience with Iskandar as your driver.
      Also thank you for the recommendation.

  6. Sridhar Kamana

    Our family traveled to Jogja for 3 days and Iskandar (called “Is”) was assigned as our driver by Kunz(owner) to tour us from Pickup at Solo airport to drop off at Jogja station. Iskandar has made our trip a memorable one. He waited and picked us at airport as our flight got rescheduled. Is took us to Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple and other jogja attractions and helped us with shopping at various markets for Batik, wood work,silver work and went to few traditional food places and some great restaurants. Is was always ready to support us on our schedules and requests with a smile on his face. He is soft spoken and very friendly. Our family had very nice conversations and we felt so comfortable to interact and safe at the steering. Is was our guide at the Sultan palace and made it very interesting. Is is easily reachable on his phone, speaks fluent English and will be an excellent travelling partner on your Jogja trips. He became our friend and we occasionally communicate with each other even after the trip. Thanks Kunz for introducing our family to Is.

    Last but not least, if Is is available, don’t miss him on your trips to get a good all round experience.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for use and trusted to Yogya Backpacker tours.
      We glad that you enjoyed the trip with Iskandar.
      Even he became your family’s friend.
      Thank you also for recommend other traveler to have Iskandar as the driver. 🙂

  7. Emilie

    Very good day with Iskandar, starting with and early pick up at hostel (my first taxi couldn’t find it, and Is didn’t get any trouble finding it…nice !), waiting for the sunrise, a good spot and a local recommendation for the breakfast. After that Jomblang cave adventure, with a very soft and nice guidance, explanations about the countryside… What I can say is it was very pleasant : Iskandar is very kind and has a good knowledge about the local stuff and he’s very easy to talk with, and the very good driving and comfortable car.
    He even helped me through the end of the journey where I had a problem with my bank card and he made it easier for me by talking direclty with the local people at the phone and at the bank office… so nice.
    I definitively recommend him as a personal driver and guide 😀
    Thanks Roni for getting us in touch !

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      I sorry about your bank card.
      Now i already inform to all the driver,
      that not bring our guest to the specific bank ATM.
      (I don’t mention the name of bank in here).
      Seems it always happened to foreigner who want withdraw on this ATM.
      I hope you get your a new bank card soon.

      You’re welcome, Emilie. 🙂
      Glad that you had very good day with Iskandar as your driver.
      Thank you for recommend him as a personal driver and guide.

  8. Dr.Anand Narvekar

    Iskander is just too good …very professional and punctual. Had great time with him. He taken care of everything showing best places at right time. Highly recommended when u visit Jogja or borabudur.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      We glad that you had great time with him.
      Iskandar truly all out serving our customer.
      He is so caring.
      I hope you had maximized your photography hobby.
      and have great pictures when do the tours with him.
      Thank you for used & trusted our tours service.
      Have a nice day, Dr Anand Narvekar!
      See you in the next trip.

  9. Dina

    What can I say, Iskandar is the best man, as a guide and of course driver!
    He is very kind, friendly and professionel!
    As a solo traveler I had him 2 days in a row and we went to Borobudur, Prambanan, Jeep Lava Tour, Jomblang Cave and Pindul Cave Tubing.
    He is really openminded so we had a lot of laugh and chat in the car while he drove from spot to spot. When you need to buy some tickets for the attractions he will follow you the whole way up to entrance and help you buy the tickets. He even help you taking some pictures of you and attraction.vWhen I was curious about things like the culture here in Yogyakarta I didn’t know he could answer your question perfectly back to you. I felt so comfortable with him during these 2 days. This was a memory and awesome experience that I would never forget!

    So as a solo traveler you will never feel alone when you are with Iskandar.
    I highly recommended Iskander as your driver wherever you want to visit!

    Thanks for everything and thank you very much for making my tour even better and more fun!
    And thanks to Roni for finding this website about Yogyakarta and your help with my tour!

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