Driver #12 Profile


His name is Zikrullah.
You can call him ‘Irul’ for easy reason.
He approached me to use his services via Whatsapp.
He got my number after exploring my website before.

His first job is well done.
Our customer satisfied.
Then i continue to use his services.


Anyway, Irul is a student actually.
He almost finish his college in the university.
Meanwhile he work as a driver + guide to make money.

Irul was born in Lombok,
maybe after graduation and have experience in here,
he will back to Lombok to make the same business.
Good for you, Irul.






2 thoughts on “Driver #12 Profile

  1. Hayley

    Hey yogya backpacker!

    Massive thank you to your transport service. My driver, Irul was awesome and we had lots of fun during the long car ride. Not forgetting Irul helping us to pick seashells on beaches and the non stop car jamming!

    Though he’s young but his english is very well spoken and not to mention he took care of us girls throughout the journey. Truly enjoyed the entire road trippin’!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hello Hayley!

      Thank you for used our transport services.
      Glad to know that you enjoyed with Irul as your driver + guide.
      Yes, many travelers said his english is very good.
      See you in the next season.
      Wish all the best for you guys!

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