Driver #11 Profile


His name is Purnomo.
You can call him ‘Nomox’.

He is a friend of Mr Dodit.
I asked Mr Dodit for available driver.
Then he recommended me to use Nomox as a driver.

He just become a father a few month ago actually.
So, i ca not assign him anytime since he must focus on his family.
Congrat for become a father, Mr Nomox!




Mr Nomox with the travelers:





5 thoughts on “Driver #11 Profile

  1. Kaydee & Hafiz

    Our 5 days travelling in jogja with Mr.Nomox have been very pleasing. He is a vry friendly to us and very very keen on helping us to get to our destination. Always on time and available whenever we need him. The recommendation he gave us on where to eat, what to bring for activities and when is the best time to go to our destination has been very helpful.

    His service that he provided us has surpasses our expectation. I really would recommend him to our friends and families if they were to travel to jogja.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Glad to know that Mr Nomox services beyond of your expectation.
      Thank you for use our services and recommend him to your friends & families.
      Have a nice flight back to Brunei and wish all the best for you.

  2. Cameron R.

    He was assigned as my driver by Roni for the Jomblang Cave and cave tubing trip. He was the best driver I ever had in my Indonesia trip. He was so nice and very interactive. I was traveling solo and he became my friend suddenly. We even shared stories about our families and lives.

    I will definitely use him again whenever I come back to Yogyakarta. I wish you the best luck with your upcoming baby!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Wow, that’s great if Mr Nomox is the best driver you ever had in Indonesia trip.
      He is the man for sure. 🙂
      Thanks for use & trust to our tours.
      Wish the best luck for you too, Cameron!

  3. Hala EL OUARRAK

    Undoubtedly the best driver we’ve ever had. Not only was he very patient with us but he was available to answer all our requests and to recommend the best places for shopping or the best sites to see. It was a pleasure to have our 3days tour with him. He’s a very skilled driver and will do his best to make the most of the time you have. And even when we changed our mind about some sites he happily suggested an alternative that turned out much better than our first plan. It was heartbreaking to have to leave Yogyakarta after such short time but even more knowing that no one would be as good driver as he is. Next time we’re in Yogyakarta we will absolutely request him as our driver. Hopefully with more time in our hand so that we can enjoy more of the heaven that is Yogyakarta. Thank you so much Nomox for your kindness and your guidance. We wouldn’t have enjoyed as much without you.

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