Driver #10 Profile


His name is Yulianto.
But, you might call him ‘Yuli’.
He is a friend of Mr Dodit (driver number #7).
I asked Mr Dodit for available driver.
Then he recommended me to use Yuli as the driver.

His first job is well done. Our customer satisfied.
Then i continue to use his services by gave him another customers.


Basically that he worked in the hospitality industry before.
As a hotelier in the cruise lines company on United States since 2008 until 2013.
Definitely it has related job between his former job with his present job right now. 

He never broke the rule such as smoking while drive the customers, drunk while drive, also the important thing is he able to be speak in hospitality english.
He has good attitude actually.
Also he has an update musics in the car.




He has moto for his new job: “fun for all, all for fun”.
Absolutely he gonna conducting your holiday here and drive you to reach your touristic destination with drive safe.
You can check the review about him below. 


16 thoughts on “Driver #10 Profile

  1. Amanda Lee

    I required a private car with English speaking driver in a short notice while I was I Yogya karta, and this site managed to handle my requests promptly. I along with my boyfriend was paired up with Yuliyanto for a whole day and although the weather was Bad (rain and more rain) Yanto brought us to as many places as he could squeeze in along the way of our planned itinerary. He shared with us the insights to places and different facts about Yogya culture. The end of our trip was a dark and bumpy ride home, but Yanto brought us home safe and sound. Thank you Yogya-backpacker and Yuliyanto. We had a great time!

  2. Maya

    I was in Yogyakarta early August 2017 and went there without a fixed itinerary. Contacted yogya-backpacker for a driver for a day tour and Yulianto was assigned to us. He fetched us from our hotel on time and brought us to Jomblang Cave and Kalisuci Cave Tubbing. We felt safe even though the road to Jomblang was bumpy. Yulianto had quite a lot to share about Yogyakarta and he kept us entertained in the car with fun facts, jokes and up to date music. We enjoyed the day and requested for Yulianto again for another day to go to Kalibiru and a waterfall. We had so much fun.

    Not forgetting, he carried our bags while we’re doing activities and he was our personal photographer. Thank you Yogya-backpacker and Yulianto for such service and for a memorable trip.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Glad that you enjoyed the tour with Yulianto.
      Thank you for use and trust to our transport services.
      We wish all the best and good fortune for you.
      See you in the next tour.

  3. May Qi

    My boyfriend and I required a driver for 2 days for our Yogyakarta holiday and made a request through yogya-backpacker. Roni was quick to respond and assigned Mr Yuliyanto as our driver for both days. Yuli contacted us to confirm our schedule and pick up time the night before. During the trip, he was kind to share the background of various places of interest, be our personal photographer and translator, to made sure we knew what was going on. When we asked for local food recommendations, Yuli made an effort to provide an extensive list too and he brought us to a bakmi stall which we personally felt was the best dish we had for our entire Yogya trip. Overall, our trip with Yuli was smooth, safe and hassle free. P. S. He has a great playlist!

    Yuli told us early on that he couldn’t take us for the second day he was assigned to us and arranged for his friend Mr Iskandar to drive us instead. Prior to the trip, Yuli made sure to call me to arrange the pick up time, schedule and helped to make bookings for our activities. The handover was smooth and Iskandar had a great personality and was helpful throughout the trip too. We had much fun chatting with him on the trip back.

    Thank you, Mr Yuliyanto and Mr Iskandar for the unforgettable holiday in Yogyakarta. Awesome place and people!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Glad to know that was your unforgettable holiday in Yogyakarta.
      Thank you for use our services.
      We wish the best and good fortune for you.

  4. Steph

    We wanted to go to Kalisuci and a few other places at short notice (it was 1pm and we wanted to go the next day). I contacted Roni to see if there were any other travellers that had the same itinerary as us. There was a couple from Malaysia that wanted to do similar things to us but they chose to do Goa Pindul instead. Roni asked if they would be willing to do Kalisuci instead and they agreed. They also wanted to do Prambanan which we had done previously so Roni arranged for Yuli to pick us up after dropping off the other travellers at Prambanan. Our itinerary was Kalisuci, Timang Beach, Sandranan Beach and Sri Gethuk waterfall.
    After picking us up we then went back to Prambanan to get the others and it was off to Kalisuci. Kalisuci was completely packed out when we got there and we’d have to wait 2 to 3 hours for our turn.
    So we asked Yuli to take us to Timang Beach instead. The ride was safe and Yuli had awesome music. He helped to arrange a lobster lunch for us which was so cheap and delicious!
    He asked the locals about Sadranan and told us that because it’s low tide, snorkeling would not be good so we skipped it and went back to Kalisuci.
    In the end we were only able to do Timang and Kalisuci but it was so worth it…must do you guys!!!
    I wanted to buy Durian on the way home and Yuli helped with this too. We got back to our hotel at 8.30pm which is well over the 12 hours car hire but didn’t have to pay anything extra.
    I highly recommend using this site’s shared tour services. They are very accomodating and flexible. Contact Roni for the schedule so you can see if you can join others with the same itinerary as you. You get your own car, tour guide and since it’s a small group you get to know eachother better (max 5 tourists per car).
    Thanks for your excellent service Yuli!!!

  5. Kristof & Tanee

    Hello guys,

    Very very last minute in the evening, we decided to go to jomblang cave. I found a whatsapp number on the website and I texted to it. Very quickly i’ve received response of availability and that they’ve fixed me also with a driver yuliyanto. He contacted me via whatsapp and arranged a pickup time to our choosing. Yuli, you are an amazing person who took good care of us during the whole day from driving, to carrying our shoes, protecting our meal for dangerous hungry tourists, helping translate, finding a proper sd card for my phone, driving us home safe and sound and most importantly, making us laugh and feel comfortable.

    Yuli brother, you are making people happy by helping them in a life experience. Thank you so much!

  6. Ray

    Planned to go jogja without knowing much of the place, me and my friends were attached to Yuli as our driver for our trip.

    Our itinerary was planned due to information we found online but upon meeting Yuli we had many last minute changes as the online information were not detailed enough. We made amendments to the itinerary based on his recommendations and he explained to us clearly why one place would be better than the other due to timing & traffic.

    Even though we had many troublesome requests but Yuli made sure to meet every one of them without any complaints.

    We do highly recommend tourists to get Yuli as their driver for the trip as he is a patient and fun loving guy. We had ample time in every attraction and did not have to rush through any of them which made our trip enjoyable and relaxing.

    He is also a safe driver and ensured our comfort during the drives. And as we were unfamiliar with the language there, he helped us translate and even helped us bargain.

    During visits to various places, he kept us entertained with his jokes and explanation of many of jogja’s cultures and information which we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    Overall, he enhanced our trip to the maximum and it wouldn’t be as fun without him around.

    Keep up the good work Yuli! Thank you for the memorable time we had in jogja! 😉

  7. Kam

    Yuli is a native of Yogjakarta and have very good knowledge of the area
    He is able to give very good recommendations and advise on the tour
    After a full day tour of Borobudur and Prambanan, we also went for the Ramayana ballet
    Yuli waited for us until the end of the ballet even though it was already almost 10pm
    Thank you very much and wish you all the success in the future

  8. Su

    I got Yuli as the driver when I booked my last min tour to Jomblang + kalisuci caves. Will highly recommend him for the following:

    1. He was very on time. Meet 7am, he reached at 630am waiting for me
    2. You feel very safe in his car and he drives smoothly even through bumpy road
    3. You get the best selection of up to date music
    4. He had a great sense of humour and you will be very entertained.
    5. He will make good recommendation on where else to do/go in Jogja

    Thankfully for him, my solo trip didn’t feel lonely at all! Ask for him if you come to Yogyakarta!

  9. Mahal

    I would like to thank KunzYogya for accommodating our enquiries even in a very short notice. Me and my friend are thankful to have Yuli as our driver for the 4D3N stay in yogyakarta and will look forward to meet him again as and when we are back in Yogyakarta with families.
    I would like to appreciate and praise Yuli for:
    1. being punctual – He sent me an advance message when we were still in Singapore. He is always ahead of pur meet up time or message updates when he is on his way.
    2. being loaded with sense of humour – i ever told him its good to laugh as our life span will be extemded… hahaha
    3. being knowlegeable and helpful – we change almost everything in our plan on our 3rd day. But on the 2nd day itself, he is already checking where to go. im sooo happy he brought us to the Cliff in exchange of Bumi Langit. He is not aggressive in his suggestion but always polite and give us space to breath…

    All thumbs up to this cool, jolly and gentleman driver: Yuli!!! Thanks so much for making our teip in Yogyakarta memorable.

  10. Jake Tan

    My wife and I are very impressed by Yuli’s professionalism! Right from the moment he picked us up at the airport, Yuli took great care of us. He brought us around to many places for sightseeing and even though these places of interest are usually hours away from Jogja city, we were never bored during the long car rides. Yuli would entertain us with his awesome song lists, amusing jokes and we could also nap peacefully as we trust his safe and stable driving. His small gestures show that he genuinely wants you to have fun; his motto is “Fun for all, all for fun!”. He would offer to take photos for us (excellent photography skills!) and offer new places to visit. He is also flexible with changes when we want to change our itinerary, as long as we are happy! You can see that he takes pride in his work through the way he maintains the cleanliness of his car and makes sure he is punctual. We even had other tourists asking us for Yuli’s number after seeing how well he took care of us and seeing how well he communicated with us in English. It always brings a smile to our faces to see him being so well liked by the locals at the attractions. You are well liked by me and my wife too! We will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family! Nossa nossa! Take care Yuli and we hope to visit you and Jogja again!

  11. Charleen Tai


    Mr Yuli has been really amazing to my friend and I. He is very helpful, entertaining, friendly, patient, fun, and adaptive. He is flexible, punctual and well tailored to our plan and time. He never fails to try his best to meet our requests. His driving skills were excellent and most importantly he is a safe and patient driver despite of the crazy traffic on the road in Yogyakarta.

    He did everything with a smile and his jokes never bored us. He kept so much positivity in our trips and entertain us with his “karaoke” session in the car. He has no problem singing Mandarin song, Bahasa song, as well as English songs to keep us entertain in the car since each journey is quite long. He’s definitely hilarious and are an easy going guide cum driver to us. We had great time dining with him after our tour.

    Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude and thank you to Mr Roni and Mr Yuli for their amazing service. Highly recommended and I believe they will never failed you!

  12. Fang Sheng

    My friend and I came to Yogyakarta for a week trip and we were assigned to Mr. Yuli as our driver by Mr. Roni. There are a few memorable points which we would like to higlight about Mr Yuli.

    1. He is extremely punctual and we were never late to our destination.

    2. He is able to make changes based on our needs.

    3. He possessed good driving skills which enabled us to arrive at our destination safely and on time.

    4. He suggested good places to eat.

    5. He is able to effectively explain the culture of Yogyakarta and taught us some bahasa Indon and bahasa Jawa 😀 haha

    6. Lastly, he’s acted professionally in all situation, yet has a good sense of humour. Hence, it’s never a boring day.

    We would like express our gratitude to Mr. Roni and Mr. Yuli for making our trip a memorable one.

  13. Joyce

    We had an incredible time in Yogyakarta all thanks to Yuli. Though the travelling hours between places were long, the awesome music in the car, Yuli’s jokes, comfortable A/C, smooth driving skill and fun singing sessions made the rides seem shorter.

    Yuli is more of a friend to us than driver. He recommends us good local food, entertain us with his fun loving personality, helped us book great massage session (must try after a long day out!), offers us ponchos, helped us with videos and photos, made us laugh out loud during the trip and let us sleep soundly in his car.

    We will definitely recommend Yuli to our family and friends should they go Yogyakarta next time. A fun loving English speaking driver who is always on time, has good knowledge of the local food and sense of direction (no GPS needed!).

    Thank you for taking care of us for the past 4 days and we really enjoyed your company. Take care and all the best!

  14. Darren

    A huge thank you to brother Yuli for making our time in Yogya a safe and memorable one.

    Yuli is extremely punctual and accommodating with our schedule even with our last minute changes. He is also an extremely skilled driver which is very important for the crazy roads of Yogya.

    All we had to do was to tell Yuli where we wanted to go, what we wanted to eat and buy, he would then bring us there safely.

    He protects us and our well-being and would even stop cars for us to cross the road.

    We would definitely recommend Yuli to our friends and also choose Yuli for our next visit to Yogya.

    Thank you once again brother Yuli!

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