Don’t be scammed by the cheapest tours!

As a backpacker, considering the budget travel is the spirit of traveling it self. Off course you will looking the best price for your accommodation, transport and the tours. Sometime you feel so lucky find cheap tours and think that you are smart to manage the budget. But, in the end you will spend more money and it’s out of your plan.


This article telling you how to choose the tours for you. There are so many tours and driver in here in Yogyakarta (Jogja). But, not much of them doing fair business. They just think the tourists are the object to make more money for them.


Before you arrived here, you already doing research and have the information about the best price. You will find the other tours more cheap than us. Then you confirm to use their services. In the end, you will pay more because the overtime. They will charge extra money for more than 10 hours trip. The extra charges is IDR 50K per hour. Then, you have to pay more than our price because of the ‘overtime’. You didn’t realized that you will get scammed. Why it can be happened? Here the some reason:

1. They don’t tell about the extra charges at the beginning.
This is the old school and first trick to apply the scamming. since you deal with them, you are just been trapped.
2. You don’t know how long the trip will it take.
Well, you have no idea about the trip because you are not local, you are a foreigner. You just trust to the driver. But, the driver will bring you to the worst scenario to waste your time on the road. So, you will pay for the overtime.
3. You don’t know how is the traffic condition.
The traffic on weekday, weekend, rush hour and best route are no idea for you. The driver will bring you to the heavy or worst traffic to waste your time on the road. This is another tricky way to get money from the customer from the overtime.
4. The driver won’t remind you how long you should spend on the tourism sights.
This is common applied by the driver. The driver in his mind says: “enjoy your holidays, be happy, spend your time and pay extra money for us”. They laughing you when you spend more time on the site. They don’t care how long you will spend on the site and not reminding you that the time almost over.
5. The driver will bring you to the places that you don’t want to visit.
This is also the way to get extra money for the driver. Such as souvenirs shop, art gallery, etc. The shop will give extra money (commission) for the driver if the traveler buy something. It will spend and wasting your time & money.

If the whole tricks applied, you will spend your time more than 10 hours trip and it means the overtime. So, you will spend extra money to pay the overtime. IDR 50K per hour. Also you will spend money to buy the things that you don’t want it.



Be careful, don’t be scammed by them!

Our tours never charges extra money for the overtime. Maximum tours period is 14 hours trip a day (daily tours), not 10 hours. We just want to make the traveler happy, enjoy and save the money. 🙂


*) In fact the government tourist information center provide very cheap tours. The third parties tours. But, they not explain there will be extra charges IDR 50k for every destination. Seems the trap of tour involving the person in the government tourist information center. Be careful!!!

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*) The tours not include entrance fee & your meals (snacks).

**) You pay the tours after the daily tours, when the tours is end and you arrived back at your hotel. Just give the money to our driver.

***) I guarantee you will get happy tours and unforgettable memories in Yogyakarta!

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