What causes a diarrhea?

A diarrhea can cause someone to feel very uncomfortable. In Indonesia usually it caused by:
  • Very Spicy foods. Too much chilli or spices.
  • Bacteria (E. Coli). Maybe your food or drink contaminated E. Coli. Usually it came from ice. You drink with indonesian ice. It’s made from unboiled water. Indonesian intestine become immune with this bacteria, but not for expat (american and european).
  • Toxic.


What local treatment for a diarrhea?

Indonesian usually treat diarrhea by:
  • Drink coconut water if your diarrhea caused by very Spicy foods. Too much chili or spices.


  • Eat young guava leaf or drink water from boiled sirih leaf water if your diarrhea caused by Bacteria (E. Coli). You also can drink modern herbal like Diapet NR for easy and simple reason that you can get in pharmacist.



  • Drink activated carbon tablet like Norit, New Diatabs or drink coconut water if your diarrhea caused by toxic. You can get this in pharmacy.


You have to check to hospital to make sure what your diarrhea caused by. The treatment are different for any case. This treatment just for first aid.

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