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My name is Roni Kuncoro.
I was born in Cirebon, West Java. But, since 1998 i live in Yogyakarta.
In 2014, i join in Couchsurfing to improve my english and to know other culture and habits.
When i become host, there are so many problem founded.
Such as, cultural shock, lost in the city, mosquito attack, stomach problem etc.
For those reasons, i make a guidance for backpacker traveler who visiting Yogyakarta.


The website are very detail including the map, cheap tips, best time, ticket price etc and it’s updated. I hope this little thing can help tourist, traveler, backpacker, visitor, student who came and stay in Jogja.
So, Welcome to Yogyakarta and have a nice travelling!


Doing Dr. Fish spa with couchsurfer from Japan


Visiting Borobudur with couchsurfer from Holand


With couchsurfer from New Zealand in Langse cave


Visiting Prambanan with couchsurfer from France


Waiting sunset in Bintang Hill with couchsurfer from Spain


Visiting Borobudur with couchsurfer from Belarus


Visiting Borobudur with couchsurfer from Spain


Visiting Chicken Church with couchsurfer from Czech Republic



With couchsurfer from Vietnam in Langse cave


Thumb up for tasty chicken soup with couchsurfer from Hongkong


Drink Joss coffee with Russian couchsurfer

Enjoy the drink and the atmosphere with Austrian couchsurfer


Enjoy the local ice cream (frozen coconut milk) with Argentina couchsurfer


Visiting Borobudur with couchsurfer from Singapore


Visiting Timang island with German by riding adrenaline Gondola


22 thoughts on “About me

  1. awizul

    Hey bro! Thanks for such informative website! It’s refreshing to get the info from the locals! Can’t wait to be there & experience it with the author!!

  2. Andruz

    Thanks for the information in your website.
    If you have similar information on Lombok, i will love to get it from you too 🙂

  3. Willem


    Nice website!
    How can we take contact with your brother? We are coming to Java in July and looking for a driver for a couple of days, starting in Yogjakarta. This is more or less our schedule:
    11/jul/17 Batu Karas – Yogjakarta
    12/jul/17 Yogjakarta 
    13/jul/17 Yogjakarta 
    14/jul/17 Yogjakarta – Ngawi
    15/jul/17 Ngawi – Cemoro Lawang
    16/jul/17 Bromo – Kalisat
    17/jul/17 Iljen – Baluran

    But programme can still change.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Thank you for visiting my website.
      My brother driving for sometime.
      When he is driving he can not texting or calling.
      So, for more info you can text me via Whatsapp in here:
      +6281 2277 0029
      You also able to check our schedule.
      You can copy the itinerary from other traveler on the schedule.
      So, it will easy making the itinerary for you and possible to do in one day.
      Here the schedule:


      Roni K

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Thank you for visit my travel blog website,
      and also thank you for your interest for partnership offer.

      Actually, i already promised to my self this travel blog should be free from any Ads.
      Since i just want to share the useful tips and information for the traveler only.
      But, if your business correlated with our spirit,
      and match with our vision, mission, goal and useful for the traveler.
      I will promote your business for free.
      Even i can make a post for your business.
      But, i have to check your business first, take some picture,
      and write by my own and no influence from you.
      Just write a post with my style and my true opinion about your business.
      As you can see the Accommodation that listed in my website,
      no one pay to me and truly it just to helping traveler to choose the stay.
      I hope you don’t mind with this term & condition.


      Roni Kuncoro

  4. Lija

    Hello Rony,

    I am glad to share an information with you about an art space in Jogja you might not know yet. Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta is a second space for Gajah Gallery Singapore. Gajah Gallery actively represent Indonesian and southeast asian artists in Singapore as well as across the region, not only that, the gallery also do cross projects like SuperNATURAL an exhibition of Singaporean established, mid career, and young artists in Yogyakarta back in May 2017.

    In the compound is Yogya Art Lab, an experimental project space and also metal casting foundry initiated by Yunizar and Mr. Jasdeep Sandhu.



  5. Tee Tran


    We are a group of travelers from Vietnam planning a trip to Yogyakarta this 30th Nov. But we have a big problem when buying the train ticket from Surabaya to Yogyakarta and back.

    Can you help me buy these tickets? We are deeply appreciated your help!

    Look forward to your reply soon!


  6. Elaine Tan

    Hi there!
    I’m visiting Yogyakarta from 7th to 11th March 2018 and would like to find out more about private car rental with driver.
    We intend to just rent the car for 3 days from 8th to 10th March where we would like to go on our planned itinerary.
    Please let me know how to go about doing it 🙂

  7. Muhammad

    Hi there,
    Well I planning for a visit of mid december for a 4D3N in yogya, have places in mind to visit but hope to get more information as its first time

  8. Elie

    He Kunzyogya ,

    Best whishes for the year 2020 .

    Actually we are planning a trip to Karimunjawa island ( not yet … around month of june ) .
    We got some informations in tourist office for expressboat , express Bahari from Kendal harbour to Karimunjawa on tuesday or maube wenesday and also friday .
    Is it still working ? How to book please ?

    Thank you for your blog and your advices.


  9. Kevin Ng

    I visited Yogyakarta at the end of January.
    I was amazed by how kind and a nice bloke Mr Alex was.
    He was the best.. I kid you not.

    He even gave a free massage for more than 30 minutes while waiting for the Jomblang activity!

    But according to him, he will not be bringing groups around too often, so do appreciate if you get him!

    He speaks very good English and is well informed about almost everything you want to know.

    It was a pleasure meeting you Alex, I wish you nothing but the best in the future.
    Take good care!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for use our tour services.

      Alex is a nickname of my brother.
      Somehow he felt cool and comfortable with this nickname.
      Yes, he is very kind and speak English very well.
      You are more than lucky when getting him as your driver.
      Thank you and wish the best future for you too!

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