2nd day


2nd Day Itinerary designed to visit the extraordinary tourism place such as trying GONDOLA at TIMANG ISLAND, snorkeling at NGLAMBOR BEACH, Trying local culinary “FRIED GRASSHOPPER”, watch Sunset at BINTANG HILL, relax and drink local beer with LIVE MUSIC. Trying Gondola at Timang island can lift up your adrenaline and be best experience in whole your life.

The entry ticket are very cheap, except for GONDOLA ticket at Timang island.
Detail info:
GONDOLA ticket at TIMANG ISLAND = Rp200,000.
GOVERNMENT Retribution = Rp10,000
Snorkeling at NGLAMBOR BEACH = Rp50,000.
Drink COCONUT WATER = Rp8,000
Eating  local culinary “FRIED GRASSHOPPER” = Rp10,000
To get more cheap entry ticket for Gondola, you can bargain the price if you bring more than 2 person.
So, Total for whole entry ticket are Rp278,000 = $19 (per person).
*) Not include Parking Car/Motorcycle or Transport to the site.
**) The price for International visitor not for local.

The time are managed very well. So, you got the best TIME.
Riding Gondola at TIMANG ISLAND
Snorkeling and Watch CORAL & FISH at NGLAMBOR BEACH,
Watch SUNSET at BINTANG HILL with drink Coconut water.
Drink local beer “BINTANG” and enjoy live music
Those place are close to each other, just one way. So, you don’t have to worry, because you spend your time effectively.

You got complete destination in 2nd day Itinerary.
You will get new sensation & experience, Riding Gondola at TIMANG ISLAND and eat FRIED GRASSHOPPER.
You visit EXOTIC PLACE such as: SUNSET at BINTANG HILL, Snorkeling and Watch CORAL & FISH at NGLAMBOR BEACH.
You can rest, relax and drink local beer while enjoying LIVE MUSIC.


Here the detail Itinerary for 2nd day:
7.30 am : Departing from Yogyakarta
7.30 – 9.30 : Trip to Timang island
9.30 – 10.00 : Eating fried Grasshopper
10.00 -11.00 : Try Gondola at Timang island
11.00 -12.00 : Trip to Nglambor beach
12.00 : Take a lunch at Nglambor
12.45 -15.00 : Snorkeling
15.00 -17.00 : Trip to Bintang Hill
17.00 -18.00 : Watching the Bintang Hill Sunset and drink coconut water
18.00 -18.30 : Trip back to hotel
19.00 -19.30 : Dinner
21.00 : Lucifer Bar & Resto or Asmara cafe
21.00 -23.00 : Watch live music at Lucifer Bar & Resto (Sosrowijayan street) or Asmara cafe (Prawirotaman street)
23.30 : Back to hotel

*) You can add destination such as Jogan beach which is one way to Nglambor beach. But, you have to manage your time. So, you can watch sunset at Bintang hill.


EATING FRIED GRASSHOPPER, a local culinary challenge







Drinking local beer while enjoy live music

**) This itinerary can be done if you ride a car or motorcycle, not public transport. Sometime a bus (public transport) wait for passengers to get fully load and you have to change the bus again and again. So, you gonna waste your time when traveling by a bus.


If you need transport, you can contact me.
My old brother is a driver, he drive so gently and he can speak english very well.
All in package (car, driver & gasoline) to Timang island, Jogan beach, Nglambor beach, Sunset at Bintang hill and any other destination/sights (if the spare time possible to visit it) = Rp600.000. Maximum 5 persons for one car for 12 hours. Departing from Yogya at 7.30 am.
Here my number: +6281 2277 0029 (Whatsapp)

*) The alternative destination of package tour:
Jomblang cave, Timang beach (or Nglambor beach) and sunset at Bintang hill  (if the spare time possible to watch the sunset).

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10 thoughts on “2nd day

  1. Albert

    It is amazing itinerary! I have noticed that umbul ponggok is not included in your website. I have seen pictures around the internet and it looks stunning. Will you recommend it and is it accessible for tourist as it is a commonly visited place and tourist would not have difficulty finding it?

  2. Daniel

    U mentioned:

    *) The alternative destination of package tour:
    Jomblang cave, Timang beach, Nglambor beach and sunset at Bintang hill (if the spare time possible to watch the sunset).

    Just wondering, would it really be possible to do all of this in one day? How long does it take to get from Jomblang cave to Timang beach? And from Timang beach to Nglambor? Thanks!

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      No, it’s not possible to do in one day.
      Here the right options:
      1. Jomblang cave, Timang beach and Bintang hill sunset (if possible and depend on the traffic).
      2. Jomblang cave, Nglambor beach and Bintang hill sunset (if possible and depend on the traffic).
      3. Timang beach, Nglambor beach and Bintang hill sunset (if possible and depend on the traffic).

      Since the Jomblang cave has stick time because they looking the best angle of the sun (heaven light).
      At least you have to arrive at 9 am at Jomblang and leaving the cave at 1.30 pm.
      It makes whole destinations can not be done in one day.

      About 1 hours trip from Jomblang to Timang beach.
      About 30 minutes trip from Timang to Nglambor beach.
      Well, sometime it would be more than your time expectation cause the road so rocky and slippery in wet season.
      Sometime small vehicle can not allowed to pass the road cause too dangerous.
      They will offering special transport to the beach.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          Hi Daniel,

          I have no idea about how much the taxi motor from nearest village to Timang beach.
          But, usually the taxi motor waiting at the last asphalt road.
          They will bring you start from rocky road to Timang beach.
          You need to pay IDR50K per person for their services.
          This taxi motor exist since two months ago.
          Seems this policy applied by village to empower the young people who have no jobs.

          I think the cost of taxi motor from nearest village to Timang beach should be more than IDR50K.


  3. Tyica

    hello..its really nice of you for making this trip revision.. anyhow i wonder if you still organizing trip for 2017? would love to join the trip =)

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