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TIMANG ISLAND/BEACH (Pantai Timang) + Adrenaline GONDOLA


You should trying GONDOLA at TIMANG ISLAND. This “crazy & dangerous” Gondola is very traditional (Old school). Trying Gondola at Timang island can lift up your adrenaline and be best experience in whole your life.

You visiting exotic place with nice view. Quiet and peaceful.
You also can hear the sound of the wave, birds and the sound of blowing wind.

This place are close to beautiful UNMAINSTREAM place. Such as, NGLAMBOR BEACH, JOGAN BEACH, SIUNG BEACH etc. It just only one way to the site. So, you spend your time effectively to visit these place.






Timang island is a small island. You have to across ocean to get there. It is adrenaline challenge and best experience in whole your life. Usually fisherman across to the island to catch lobster using a trap. Sometimes it become favorite place for fishing. But, to get here you have to collect all your courage to across the ocean. This place quiet isolated, not much tourist visit here cause the way so rocky. Even, for local tourist. Not much of them have visit this island.


9 A.M – 5.00 P.M

*) Actually it’s open all the time. But, the operator of gondola standby on the site on 9.00 AM till 5.00 PM.


Just parking fee for your motorcycle or car

IDR 150,000 for Local
IDR 200,000 for International tourist
IDR 250,000 for International tourist (weekend/peak season).

*) Today the same price on weekend and weekday.

**) Today there is a bridge beside the Timang Gondola. You can walk to the Timang island through the bridge and pay IDR 100K only.

***) Here i provide the whole entrance fee of the sights in and around Yogyakarta. So, you can calculate your budget and planning your visit.


IDR 50,000 for motorcycle taxi
IDR 350,000 for jeep

Scooter : IDR 3K.
Car : IDR 5K.

Inside of Gondola:


*) Even it looks like not safe and frightening, actually the management change the rope/line regularly for safety and reliability. So, you don’t have to worry about it.


130 Kg

*) You can tandem to ride the gondola. But, the total weight of yours must not over than 130 Kg. The ticket price still same, not changing even you do tandem riding the Gondola.


Village (Desa): Danggolo Purwodadi
Sub-district (Kecamatan): Tepus
Regency (Kabupaten): Gunung Kidul
Province (Provinsi): Yogyakarta

About 70km to east from downtown Yogyakarta or about 2 hours depend on traffic.


*) Better don’t use google maps as your navigation because some of the area without phone signal. I recommend you to use ‘Waze’ application in your smartphone.


There is no direct public transport over there. You can use Trans Jogja to Giwangan bus station (Terminal bis Giwangan), ticket about IDR4000. Then change bus, from Giwangan bus station to  Wonosari city, and then you have to change to small bus to Jepitu. You have to stop at closest village near Timang beach. Then, you have to use Taxi motor to the beach. Ask bus operator if you confused.

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take Route 3B – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Jepitu – Stop at pertigaan pantai Timang
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Timang beach
From Tugu Railway Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Jepitu – Stop at pertigaan pantai Timang
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Timang beach
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Jepitu – Stop at pertigaan pantai Timang
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Timang beach
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take a bus to Wonosari city – Stop at Wonosari bus station
Then, take a small bus to Jepitu – Stop at pertigaan pantai Timang
Then, take a taxi motor – Stop at Timang beach

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.

**) It’s tiring and wasting time if you use public transport because you have to change the bus again and again, also the bus sometime waiting for passenger until full loaded . Better you rent a car or motorcycle for cheap one. Invite local person as guide (Couchsurfer).  It will take 1.5 -2 hours to reach the site. You can rent a car for comfy cause the road so rocky.


*) This Spanish girl already rode Gondola, even she spend 20 minutes to thinking and deciding whether ride or not. How about you? Don’t be a chicken, this might be best experience in whole your life.


There are weak signal for your cell phone.

*) After i arrived at Timang island, i surprised that i found good signal for my phone (3G).

There are some simple cafe.

*) For foreigner i recommend: Don’t drink with ice cube in any restaurant or street food in Indonesia, because indonesian ice cube made from not boiled water. It contain bacteria (E. Coli) that can makes stomach problem or diarrhea. Indonesian intestine become immune (adapted) to this bacteria, but not for foreigner (american and european especially).

Some restroom and toilet
*) Better you bring your own tissue.

*) Today the car not allowed to access to reach the beach. You need take a taxi motor and pay IDR 50K to reach the beach. Seems this policy applied by village authorities to empower the young people who had no job.

**) You need considering to ride a taxi motor to reach the beach because the road so slippery after rain. The report of the tourist who falling down from taxi motor is increasing. You can hire a jeep for safety reason and pay IDR 350K per jeep.

***) It become an issue today. Maybe it come from the economic discrepancy between Timang Gondola operator and the villages people around Timang beach. The government should take care to this issue since the taxi motor can not provide safety transport to the beach. Also some young men ask for donation which is not sure where the money will be delivered.

****) Now the car can access to reach the beach by a car. Maybe a powerful authority force the local authority to allow it. But, when you use a car, your driver should carefully driving because the road sometime slippery after rain and it just small road that fit only for one car. It can be a problem when your car facing other car from the opposite direction.


*) The road just so fucking rocky about 1 km to the beach. 😉
**) Do not rent scooter motorcycle if you want to pass through the broken road, slippery especially after rain.
***) Sometime you can meet a fisherman fishing in Timang island.


You can combine to visit these places when you visiting Timang beach:

1. Nglambor beach (snorkeling).
2. Jogan beach (beach + small waterfall).
3. Siung beach (camping + rock climbing).
4. House of Mr. Siswanto (Lobster cuisine).
5. Jomblang cave (1 hour from Timang).

*) My last visit is on January 8th 2017, i found there are two Gondola on the Timang island. But, the new one not finish yet. Today you will found a bridge from the rope beside the gondola as alternative to reach the island.

If you need transport, you can contact me.
My old brother is a driver, he drive so gently and can speak english very well.
All in package (car, driver & gasoline) to Timang island, Jogan beach, Nglambor beach & Bintang hill sunset = Rp600.000. Maximum 5 persons for one car. Departing from Yogya at 7.30 am.
Here my number: +6281 2277 0029 (Whatsapp)

Check the schedule to get more cheap by join and share the tour with other traveler:

Schedule of Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2016.xlsx

Schedule of Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2017.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2018.xlsx



58 thoughts on “TIMANG ISLAND/BEACH (Pantai Timang) + Adrenaline GONDOLA

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      You can rent motorcycle or car from downtown.
      There are so many vehicle rental around Malioboro street, like Sosrowijayan street, Dagen street.
      Around Prawirotaman (backpacker) street also.
      Don’t forget to bargain the rate rental. Sometime in low seasons, they become soft/flexible.
      You can also invite local couchsurfer to be your guide. 🙂


  1. Josh

    Thz for featuring this place on your website!

    I’d tried going by scooter but the rocky road is spine-breaking! There’s no more tarmac road for the last few kilometers except for 2 strips of cemented trails just good for cars. There are several broken sections; the path totally filled with big sharp-edged rocks about the size of a ball. Accumulatively, that is about 1 kilometer or more of broken rocky road.

    However, the beach and cliffs are superb! The ocean is beautiful with dark shades of ultramarine blue. The wind is constantly blowing cool air in your face. The landscape with Pulau Timang is just surreal.

    At IDR150.000, the gondola ride is expensive. There were 4 of us; so they offered us IDR500.000. We’d decided to skip it and explore the beach instead.

    Still, the place has great photography opportunities and being there is a great experience!

      1. kunzyogya Post author


        Well, the road so rocky.
        I think it will not comfort for you and your baby.
        Also today forbidden for a car to reach the beach.
        You have to hire them to use their service bring you to reach Timang beach by taxi motor.
        So, it’s not safe for you and your baby to go Timang beach/island.

  2. Maria

    I went to Timang beach to try their gondola and it was a great experience! When I saw it in the first time I felt a bit afraid about it but finally I decided to take the challenge and I really don’t regret.
    When you cross the sea you can feel the waves down to you and the views are just amazing.
    The price can be high for being Indonesia but worth it.The way to get there is not easy that all so I would highly recommend to hire a driver. There is not signal phone so if you get lost or something happens to you during the way it could be a problem.
    So if you want to enjoy a perfect landscape and go away from the traditionals tourist attractions you should visit Timang Beach.

  3. Maria Laura loustalet

    Thanks very much for all this información !!! Os excelente yourv para.
    I m going to be many days here, so i Have time to decide what to do…
    If i need help i put in contact !!

  4. Ethernaut

    The information on your site is very useful and we received the services of your brother, so it was a memorable day for us 🙂

  5. Yvonne

    Hi there. Is there a specific time that the gondola operates? I searched for the full version of the video you shared here and found that it kind of closed at 1pm due to the rising tide.

    Hope to hear from you soon as I’d like to plan my trip efficiently.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Yvonne,
      I just call the manager of Timang Gondola a minute ago.
      No, it’s wrong information.
      1 pm still open.
      They closed at 5.30 pm because it getting dark.
      By the way, the tide is not depend on the time,
      but it depend on the moon & sun position.
      You should take a look of Lunar calendar to know the rising tide.
      Anyway, they still open even in the rising tide.

  6. William


    Is it possible to manage a trip from Jogja to both Gua Jomblang and Pantai Timang within one day?


    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Yes, it’s possible to visit both in one day.
      It will take 1.5 hours trip from Yogyakarta to Jomblang cave.
      Then, take one hour trip from Jomblang cave to Timang beach.


  7. Zee Rasdi

    We went there with Khrisna (your scheduled driver). Big applause to Khris for taking care of me and Ahmad (if you can recall hey its me Zeera!!) Khris was kind enough to drive us towards the beach (we opt out for Ojek because it cost us additional rupiah to spend on and it the road its toooooo rocky and Khris was very concern on our safety if we were to use ojek) *faith in humanity restored* heheheee. Throughout the journey, we saw few tourist and their ojek driver stop maybe because the road is duhhh I can’t even describe. But Pantai Timang is drop dead gorgeous!! I literally cried because it was just too beautiful and we had so much fun on the beach itself! I didn’t tried the gondola it just freak me out but God bless Timang Beach. Thanks Roni! And Khris. He deserved every credit on this earth. He was polite and we talked a lot! God Bless! Hugs and take care all of you 🙂

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Zeera,

      We glad that you enjoyed Timang beach with Krisna as your driver + guide.
      Yup, Krisna is a polite and helpful person.
      Ok, you’re welcome, Zeera.
      Hugs and take care all of you too! 🙂

  8. Miss Low (Malaysia)

    My bf and I went to Yogyakarta from 1st-5th August. From the moment we stepped on this humble land, we received the most warmth welcome smile from Krish, the driver assigned by Mr Roni to pick us up from the airport. Since then he had become our friend, caretaker, tour guide, photographer and brother! We were traveling all around yogyakarta with Krish for the next four days. He is such a sweet, cute, helpful and sincere friend whom had make our trip a more memorable one, what a bonus that we could ever ask for.

    Before the trip I was worried that the driver would bring (force) us to some of the shops/ souvenir shops/ restaurants/places that we didn’t want to, just for them to some money if we make any purchase. However all those worries were just too redundant. Krish had recommended alot of awesome local food, from street food to restaurant to us which was not found on internet. He will give some suggestions/input on our schedule so that we wouldn’t miss the gem throughout the journey. He is also very flexible with our schedule, in any case we wanted to add on or change the itinerary, he is totally fine it. He speaks good English and he is always trying his best to provide us the best service. He is all what you need to explore yogyakarta to the max!

    Last but not least, we will also love to thank Mr Roni for your arrangements on our itinerary. Basically I just gave him the list of places we want to go then within a split second he sent me the itinerary without missing any destinations. The price charged for a driver per day according to the places we go are reasonable as well. He also updated me from time to time when other travelers are interested to share the trip with us. Seems like a personal trip planner 🙂

    We enjoyed our trip, nothing to complain, everything seem perfect! Appreciate all the help from Mr Roni and Krish. 👍 for you guys!!!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      We glad that you enjoyed the tours with us. 🙂
      Seems Krisna well-done in his jobs.
      Thanks for trust us to be your travel partner in Jogja.
      Hope to see you again in the next trip.
      Have nice days, Miss Low!

  9. Dachi

    Hi how to read your backpacker schedule? As I don’t see any month stated there.I need the schedule for September 2016.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      You need to update your phone browser that compatible to Google spreadsheet/Google Docs or you can install Chrome browser.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          There will be month tabs. You can click September tabs.

          If you still have a problem with this, you can open it by your laptop.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Ben,

      The owner (Mr. Siswanto) said maximum weight is 130kg.
      Last time he bring a Korean guy with 120kg weight.
      You’re welcome.


  10. Attiya N

    Hi, is it possible to go to timang island and kalibiru on the same day from the city centre or should i do both on the different days and add on the temples for each day instead? i’ll be travelling on 5th to 8th january next year. n roughly how would the charges for the transportation be?

    Thank you!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Attiya,

      Well, it’s not about possible or not.
      Since Kalibiru in the west side of Yogyakarta,
      and Timang island in the east-south side of Yogya city.
      It will spend much your time on the road.
      Also it’s tiring trip for you and your driver for sure.
      You can check our schedule here,
      it’s already arranged to make your tours efficient.
      The destinations are on the way and already arranged the sequence of the destinations too.
      Maybe it will inspire you to make your itinerary.
      Check it out:

  11. lindsay

    very cool experience!! if you can manage the very (VERY) rocky road leading up to the beach (have to go by motorbike only), then it will be well worth your effort. though i think they are building a new road this year. definitely a highlight of my time spent in java. make sure and eat some delicious local lobster for lunch in the village after your ride 😉 !!

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      You’re welcome.
      Yeah, you should try. At least one time in whole your life.

      The Gondola ticket price is not changing.
      Still IDR 200K per pax.
      But, today there is other option.
      You can walk on the bridge beside the Gondola.
      You just pay IDR 100K per pax.

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          IDR 200K is for foreigner.
          IDR 150K for local (Indonesian).
          Yup. The bridge is IDR 100K per pax.

          You can go there by motorcycle.
          But, the road to Timang beach is no asphalt.
          It’s rocky road and sometime very steep in some spots.
          So, you have to ride carefully.
          Make sure your motorcycle is powerful and in good condition.

  12. Vincent


    Until what time the Gondola operating until?

    We are coming from Yogyakarta around 1pm, do you think we can make it?

    Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      The Timang Gondola operate until 5 pm.
      You can make it if you start on 1 pm.
      It will takes 2 hours trip from Yogyakarta.
      You’re welcome.

      1. Yuri


        What about the bridge? Is it closed at 5pm too?

        We are planning to visit Goa Jomblang, Goa Kalisuci, and Timang beach all in one day.

        I am wondering if the bridge will still be opened by the time we get there.

        Thank you so much.

        1. kunzyogya Post author


          Yes, the Timang bridge closed at 5 pm too.
          I recommend you to visit Goa Kalisuci first, then Goa Jomblang and then Timang beach.
          Start on 5.30 am from Yogyakarta.
          So, it will possible to do in one day.
          Otherwise, you will missing one attraction.

          You’re welcome.

  13. addie

    hi there, u have very good info about yogyakarta and all the attractions. a friend recommended timang beach to our group too. may i ask if there’s a weight limit for the person to use the gondola? or walk the new bridge? the ropes look tiny and flimsy. Can it support a heavy person? some photos i saw two ppl sharing one gondola too

  14. Ahmad

    Hi there,

    what is the opening time of the timang beach? I plan to go there before proceed to Jomblang Cave and Sungai Oya. Any suggestion?


    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Timang Gondola open on 9.00 AM.
      Better you visit Timang beach after Jomblang cave.
      Sungai Oya visit before Jomblang cave.
      Start from your hotel on 6.00 AM.
      So, it will feasible to do in one day.
      Otherwise, you will missing one destination.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well it’s feasible to do in one day actually.
      But, we try to avoid this itinerary.
      It will be tiring for the driver and not efficient for you.
      Since Merapi in the north of Yogyakarta and Timang in the southeast,
      it will spend much your time on the road.
      Better you combine the Merapi sunrise with other destination,
      such as Borobudur temple or Prambanan temple.
      Then the next day you can combine Timang beach with other destination,
      such as the beaches or the caves.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      You’re welcome.
      Actually Timang beach is open all the time.
      But, the operator of Gondola standby from 9.00 AM till 5.00 PM.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, i already explain on some comments above,
      The Timang Gondola can be loaded max for 130 kg weight.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      The price of lobster in Timang around IDR 450K-600K per kilogram.
      Depend on the season, variety of the lobster and the size it self.
      The price include the rice, salad and water spinach and your drinks.

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