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The volcano eruption usually every 4 years.
But, since 2010 after the big eruption, the character is change.

You visiting exotic mount with nice view, rice farm, forest, horizontal line.
You can also watch sunrise and sunset from here. One of the best place to see that moment.

If you like outdoor exercise, you might love this place.
You need hike the summit, then do camping if you want.
You need a lot of energy, courage and concentration to hike this volcano.

This place are close to beautiful UNMAINSTREAM place. Such as, KETEP PASS, WATERFALL, MERBABU VOLCANO etc. It just only one way to the site. So, you spend your time effectively to visit these place.

Hiking Post:



Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi (literally Fire Mountain in Indonesian/Javanese), is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is very active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. It is about 28 kilometres (17 mil) north of the large Yogyakarta city, and thousands of people live on the around of the volcano, with villages as high as 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) above the sea level.

Solfatara smoke can be seen emerging from the top at least 300 days a year, and several eruptions have caused fatalities. Pyroclastic flow from a large explosion killed 27 people on 22 November 1994, mostly in the town of Muntilan, west of the volcano. Another large eruption occurred in 2006, shortly before the Yogyakarta earthquake. In light of the hazards that Merapi poses to populated areas, it has been designated as one of the Decade Volcanoes.



On 25 October 2010 the Indonesian government raised the alert for Mount Merapi to its highest level (awas) and warned villagers in threatened areas to move to safer ground. People living within a 20 km (12 mil) zone were told to evacuate. Officials said about 500 volcanic earthquakes had been recorded on the mountain over the weekend of 23–24 October, and that the magma had risen to about 1 kilometre (3,300 ft) below the surface due to the seismic activity. On the afternoon of 25 October 2010 Mount Merapi erupted lava from its southern and southeastern slopes.

The mountain was still erupting on 30 November 2010, however due to lowered eruptive activity on 3 December 2010 the official alert status was reduced to level 3. The volcano is now 2930 metres high, 38 metres lower than before the 2010 eruptions.

After a large eruption in 2010 the characteristic of Mount Merapi was changed. On November 18, 2013 Mount Merapi burst smoke up to 2,000 meters high, one of its first major phreatic eruptions after the 2010 eruption. Researchers said that this eruption occurred due to combined effect of hot volcanic gases and abundant rainfall.



Village (Desa): Selo
Sub-district (Kecamatan):
Regency (Kabupaten): Boyolali
Province (Provinsi): Central Java (Jawa Tengah)

About 1.5 – 2 hour to north from downtown Yogyakarta or about 60 minutes from Borobudur temple.


There is a cheap public transport to get there. First, Trans Jogja Bus. Ticket only IDR 4,000. You must go to halte bus/bus stop of Trans Jogja. Then, you must reach to Jombor bus station (Terminal Jombor) or (halte Jombor), and then change bus to Semarang city, ticket about IDR30,000. Then you ask to “kernet” (The man whom you will pay the bus ticket) that you will stop on Blabak Magelang. Then, change bus to Ketep Pass and change again to Selo village.
Ask to the operator if you still confused. Operator will glad to give information. 🙂

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take Route 3A – Stop in Condongcatur Bus shelter/halte
Then, take Route 2A – Stop in Jombor Bus station
please take a bus to Semarang city – Stop in Blabak, Magelang
Then, take a small bus to Ketep Pass – Stop at Ketep Pass
Then, take a small bus to Boyolali – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Tugu Railway Station :
please take Route 3A – Stop in Ngabean shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 2B – Stop in Jombor Bus station
please take a bus to Semarang city – Stop in Blabak, Magelang
Then, take a small bus to Ketep Pass – Stop at Ketep Pass
Then, take a small bus to Boyolali – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take Route 3B – Stop in Ngabean shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 2B – Stop in Jombor Bus station
please take a bus to Semarang city – Stop in Blabak, Magelang
Then, take a small bus to Ketep Pass – Stop at Ketep Pass
Then, take a small bus to Boyolali – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take a bus to Semarang city – Stop in Blabak, Magelang
Then, take a small bus to Ketep Pass – Stop at Ketep Pass
Then, take a small bus to Boyolali – Stop at Selo basecamp

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.
**) Better you rent a car or motorcycle for comfort reason. Invite couchsurfer to accompany you to hike the volcano.
***) If you wanna reach Selo basecamp better you pass via Klaten and Boyolali, not via Muntilan and Ketep cause these route is not in good condition and danger (deep cliff and landslide). Here the details:

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take a bus to Solo city – Stop in Kartosuro bus station
Then, take a bus to Semarang city – Stop at Boyolali bus station
Then, take a small bus to Magelang – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Tugu Railway Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Solo city – Stop at Kartosuro bus station.
Then, take a bus to Semarang city – Stop at Boyolali bus station
Then, take a small bus to Magelang – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take a bus to Solo city – Stop in Kartosuro bus station
Then, take a bus to Semarang city – Stop at Boyolali bus station
Then, take a small bus to Magelang – Stop at Selo basecamp
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Tungkak shelter/halte.
Then, take Route 4A – Stop in Giwangan Bus station (Terminal Bis Giwangan)
please take a bus to Solo city – Stop in Kartosuro bus station
Then, take a bus to Semarang city – Stop at Boyolali bus station
Then, take a small bus to Magelang – Stop at Selo basecamp

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.


Rp180,000 (Weekday)
Rp230,000 (Weekend)
Rp300,000 (local Guide)

*) Show your student card to get cheap fee.
**) You can share to pay the guide with your friends. 1 guide for 1 person, 2 guide for 5 persons.
***) You will found the guide at Selo entrance/basecamp.
****) Here i provide the whole entrance fee of the sights in and around Yogyakarta. So, you can calculate your budget and planning your visit.


About 6-8 hours for amateurs.
About 3-5 hours for pro and has good stamina.

Hike to the top:



Weak signal for your cell phone.

*) Today we have signal along the track, you can use Indosat SIM card.

There are some local/simple/traditional cafe on the basecamp.

Some restroom and toilet at base camp. Bring your own tissue.

*) Sometimes there will be local guide offering service to you.

Garuda summit:



Warm jacket and rain coat.

Proper trekking sandals/shoes, flashlight, waterproof pocket for camera/cell phone.

*) Selo village (1500 AMSL) is around 8 km from the top of volcano (2930 AMSL)

**) On rain season, the weather is unpredictable. On dry season, the jungle and savanna easy to burn. Trust to the local authority that give permit to hike is a wise choice.

Water & snack.


11.30 PM Start from Selo (basecamp) hiking post.

*) Night hiking is the best way to catch the beautiful sunrise on the top of the volcano.

Juli – September

*) Those month almost no rain. The track are dry and little dusty, you may wear masker when climbing.

**) On August 16th, it will be so crowded hiking because the local people hike this volcano and celebrate the independence day on the summit in the next day. Better you avoid hiking on this day and one day after.

***) Update info: On December 12th, 2017 local hiker reported lost and without ransom. The SAR  team & local authority closed the Merapi hiking for one week or until they found the lost hiker.



*) 11th May 2018 on 7.40 AM, Phreatic eruption —> Merapi hiking activity closed refer to letter from Indonesian ministry of environment & forestry. Yogyakarta airport closed in the evening due to the fly ash.

**) 21st May 2018 on 11 PM, three times Phreatic eruption —> Merapi status changed from Active Normal to Alert (Waspada).


Russian girl on the Merapi summit

If you need car transport, you can contact me.
Here the best deal transport/tour package for climbing Merapi:



Cost         :  IDR450K per person (with breakfast)
Pick up      :  10.00 PM (Hotel or meeting point)
Drop off     :  01.00 PM (Hotel)
Duration     :  12 hours
Includes     :  Breakfast & coffee/tea 
                Pick up and drop off (Hotel or meeting point)
                Entrance fee
                Head lamp
                Merapi National park Afforestation donation
Excludes     :  Mineral water
Tour code    :  K10

*) If you found this view looks like mess up or without arrangement, please rotate your phone into landscape position.

Please send these data to me via Whatsapp (+628122770029) for booking the tour package:

Date of hiking                         :
Name                                        :
Number of traveler                  :
Hotel/hostel & room number  :
Tour code                                 : K10

*) Your name should match with booking name in your hotel/hostel cause the driver will ask to the receptionist. Not calling or texting you.

**) It’s group of tours. Please be ready in 15 minutes before pick up time.

***) No deposit for booking. For cancellation please text me one day before.

****) If you are not often doing exercise, please don’t push your limits or fulfill your ego to reach the summit. Otherwise, you will got cramps or arrive late on the basecamp. Other traveler can not waiting you so long cause they already have other plan after hiking. Maybe catching the flight or visit other destination. Please, be a wise cause it’s not private tour, it’s group of tour. Minimum 2 persons and maximum 10 persons.


*) This Russian tough girl took 3.5 hours only to reach the Merapi summit. She ran along the track. But, don’t push your limits to equal her speed. Her muscle trained very well. Know your limit is the wise step to reach the Merapi summit with joy, secure and grateful.







If you need a private car + driver, you can contact me.
My old brother is a driver, he drive so gently and can speak english very well.

Here my number: +628122770029 (Whatsapp)

Check the schedule to get more cheap by join and share the tour with other traveler:

Schedule of Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2016.xlsx

Schedule of Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2017.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2018.xlsx

Schedule of Custom Yogya-Backpacker Tour 2019 (Private & Share Cost).xlsx

Yogya-Backpacker (YBP) Driver Team




Please, send these data if you want to book our services:

  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Number of pax:
  • Hotel (Pickup location):
  • Room number:
  • Phone number:
  • Date of Hiking:
  • Tour code: K10








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67 thoughts on “MERAPI VOLCANO (Gunung Merapi) + HIKING + SUNRISE

  1. Jie Yi Chan

    The website is comprehensive and it is really helpful.
    I notice there are some suggested tourist place lacking of ‘how to get there’ information. But I know you’re trying to complete it!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Actually it is very detailed.
      You need read it carefully.
      From your departing Trans Jogja shelter,
      it should be arrived in the one/same Trans Jogja shelter,
      even you departing from different Trans Jogja shelter.
      After that you can use the next transport such as a bus/taxi motorcycle etc.
      I give two space line as difference for next transport after Trans Jogja bus.

  2. Ash

    Im planning to go for a 2D1N track up Merapi Volcano on the 30th January 2016 but am not sure about the going abouts. How do I hire someone to bring us there? Is there any email add or website i could go to?
    its stated here that ENTRY TICKET:Rp180,000. / Rp230,000 (Holiday) / Rp300,000 (+ Guide). Is this the total price (RP300,000 per person) to climb up if let say i want a guide to go up with us? where do i find the guide? at Selo enterance itself?
    Help please 🙂 Thank you!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, i already explain about public transport to reach the base camp.
      But, It’s tiring and wasting time if you use public transport because you have to change the bus again and again,
      also the bus sometime waiting for passenger until full loaded.
      You can rent a motorcycle for cheap reason.

      Merapi entrance fee:
      Rp180k per person (Monday – Friday)
      Rp230k per person (Saturday – Sunday)
      *) Show your student card to get cheap fee.
      Rp300k (Guide only)
      *) You can share to pay the guide with your friends.
      **) If you hike with local who experienced to this volcano, guide is not mandatory. But, if you hike alone or without experienced local, guide is mandatory.
      ***) You will found the guide at Selo entrance/basecamp.

          1. Affiq

            Hi Kunzyogya,

            How do we book the guider for the hike? when to book? do you have any contact?


          2. kunzyogya Post author

            Hi Affiq,

            If you book our Merapi night hiking tours,
            we will book & provide guide for you.
            Otherwise, you can just go to Selo Merapi basecamp,
            register and pay the entrance fee,
            then hire a guide for you.

  3. Vera

    Very useful detailed info! This is very helpful for many people. Maybe you can include, whether it is necessary to hire a guide? What would you recommend, for example.

    Also, perhaps necessary things to pack and prepare for the hike? Some people who are amateurs can find that helpful 🙂

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      For foreigner or local or newbie, i recommend to hire a guide.
      Except, you are accompanied by local who had experience hike/climb this volcano.

      Ok, i will add those information. 😉

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Actually Selo village is a basecamp/post to hike Merapi volcano, not for viewing Merapi.
      I think better from Ketep Pass than Selo.
      From Ketep Pass you can see the view of Merapi and Merbabu volcano and the sunrise.
      Ketep Pass also had Volcano Theatre, you can watch documentary about volcano birth, eruption, etc.
      The access way is easy and better, if you access from Muntilan city compare to Selo village.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Refer to the official Merapi National Park website.
      Climatologically presence of Merapi volcano entered a tropical monsoon climate region,
      which is characterized by high intensity rainfall in the wet season (November-April) which was then replaced by dry months (April-October).

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Well it’s tiring if you hike Merapi volcano.
      Especially if you never doing exercise.
      As alternative solutions,
      you can watch sunrise at Setumbu hill, Ketep pass and Cangkringan village by a jeep.

  4. Hazim

    Hi Kunzyogya 🙂 Very informative & detail. Thank you so much. Me & 2 of my friends are going to Merapi this Dec. I want to know if it is necessary for us to hire a guide online to avoid not getting anyone there? & also any hotels you can recommend me so that it will be easier for the driver to pick us up?

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Actually on the ‘Selo’ base camp / hiking post they organize the guide by empowering the young local people.
      So, when the traveler come or arrive at the ‘Selo’ base camp, they have ready guides for guiding you.
      Otherwise, they will contact the local people who want and able guiding.

      Actually the Merapi hiking tours (K10) is include guide, pick up & drop off hotel, breakfast, entrance fee, headlamp, etc.
      So, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will organize for you.
      Your hotel should be in the downtown of Yogyakarta if you want pick up at your hotel.
      Otherwise, the driver will pick up you at meeting point / pick up spot.


      1. Haris Mohd

        Hi, with whom i should contact for merapi hiking tour (k10) and how much the total for foreigners for this this package? Thankyou 🙂

        1. kunzyogya Post author

          Hi Haris,

          You can contacting me via Whatsapp.
          Send me your name, country, number of traveler, your hotel (pick up), date of hiking Merapi volcano.
          It’s IDR 450k per person.
          Include: Pick up and drop off hotel, entrance fee, guide, headlamp, breakfast and insurance.


    1. kunzyogya Post author


      For Merapi hiking tour (K10) at least 2 persons.
      Well, you can check or ask me whether any traveler who hike in the same day with you.
      Otherwise, i will put you in the waiting list.
      Actually almost everyday we bring travelers to the ‘Selo basecamp’.
      Then we use local people to guide you to hike to the Merapi’s summit.


  5. adzle azhar

    Hi there!

    Im really interested with your hiking trip, is it possible for any hikers to do a daypack trip? and do you provide hiking trip to Mt.Merbabu

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Adzle Azhar,

      What do you mean a daypack trip?
      Sorry, i don’t get it.
      We start hiking in the midnight.
      Then watching the sunrise and above the clouds view.
      Then climb down, smelling the forest and fresh air.
      That’s the point.

      No, we don’t provide a hiking tour to Merbabu volcano.


  6. Chiunhau

    Hi This is cool and, I’ll travel to Yogya in Feb. 2017, but now I wonder if it is safe to hike on Merapi then? It’s rain season right? and you say the best season for hiking is summer… is it OK to go in rain season?? Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Well, it’s depend on the weather when you hiking the Merapi.
      If just little rain, it’s still OK. You can buy cheap poncho on the basecamp.
      But, if heavy rain and foggy, that’s a problem.
      The local authority can not release permit for hiking.


  7. izzee

    Hi there. I’ve been checking on the packages offered here and my question is, is it recommended for me to get this Merapi hike + custom Borobodur sunrise package at the same time if i wish to stay in Yogjakarta for 3-4 days. I’ll probably go to Yogja mid year 2017. Will these packages be available at that time? Thank you in advance.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Hi Izzee,

      In the mid of the year is indonesian holidays (student).
      Better you booking first.
      I recommend you take custom Borobudur sunrise package first,
      then take Merapi hiking tour in the last day.
      Because Merapi hiking tour is tiring tour for some people,
      it will need a lot of energy to reach the summit.

      If you take Merapi hiking tour first,
      then you will not exciting for the next tour such as Borobudur, etc.
      Because you already tired, restless and sometime sleepy.

  8. JY

    Hello! for the K10 package, is it shared with other travelers or just within my own group? Based on comments above, understand need minimum 2 person to take up K10. I have myself and another companion.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      It’s group of tour.
      So. you will hike the Merapi volcano with other traveler.
      If no other traveler booking the Merapi hike tour on the day,
      it will be you and your friend.
      and the guide off course.

  9. nurul

    hi there, I have read blogs mention to take jeep to watch sunrise. the jeep destination is not the highest point is it ? or will they just drop us somewhere nearby the area. Im kinda confuse

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      The jeep sunrise destination is not the highest point.
      It’s an area of the last village near Merapi volcano.
      The jeep can not reach the Merapi summit.

      If you want to get the highest point,
      you have to start hiking to the summit from the Selo village.
      It’s different location from jeep basecamp.


  10. Ng Yu To

    Hi we have 3 person in the group and will like to check if you still provide trekking services or trekking mount merapi on 16/9(10pm) -17/9(2pm). If yes what will be the cost and the iti.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Yup, we provide mount Merapi trekking services on those days.
      IDR 450K per pax.
      Here the Merapi Trekking Tour (K10) itinerary:
      10.00 PM : Pick up you at hotel in Yogyakarta city.
      11.30 PM : Arrive at Selo basecamp.
      12.00 AM : Introducing the guide, Safety talk & preparation.
      01.00 AM : Start Merapi hiking.
      05.15 AM – 05.20 AM : Watching the Merapi sunrise.
      05.20 AM – 07.00 AM : Watching the panorama in the morning
      07.00 AM – 07.30 AM : Start climb down.
      09.30 AM – 10.00 AM : Arrive on the Selo basecamp and have a breakfast + coffee/tea.
      10.30 AM : Start back to Yogyakarta city
      01.00 PM : Arrive at your hotel.

  11. Mayk

    Hallo Jogja – Backpacker Team!
    Ein riesengroßes Dankeschön an Euch.
    Alles hat wunderbar funktioniert.
    Angefangen von unserer Anfrage bei Euch zu unserer speziellen Merapi-Tour, zur schnellen unkomplizierten Kommunikation miteinander, der zuverlässigen Abholung am Hotel durch Dodit, der Begrüßung am Ratri HomeStay, der sicheren Besteigung des Mt.Merapi mit “unserem” Guide Rameli und unten wieder angekommen – des leckeren Banana Pancake am Ende der Tour. Dodit fuhr uns zum Schluß wieder zuverlässig und sicher zum Hotel zurück.
    Zusammenfassend: Organisation, Kommunikation und Durchführung der Tour mit Euch, http://www.jogja-backpacker.com,
    ist absolut empfehlenswert.

    In der Vielzahl der Angebote im Internet seid Ihr die Einzigen gewesen, die uns geholfen haben, diese Tour so zu organisieren.

    Unsere Wunsch, die Tour so zu gestalten wie wir es wollten, konnte durch das jogja-packpacker.com Team realisiert werden.

    D A N K E S C H Ö N !
    T H A N K Y O U V E R R Y M U C H !
    T E R I M A K A S I H!

    Auf Wiedersehen
    Katrin und Mayk
    aus Zittau (Deutschland)

  12. Ricardo Mendonca

    I was a bit lost regarding my visit to Yogyacarta and Kunzyogya was amazing.

    Refering to Merapi tracking he helped me and organized an amazing night/day with driver and group guides that were what i expected.

    This is more than a site for information, it’s someone very available and organized that will not fail what he has promissed to you!

    If you are about to climb Merapi, be carefull with the clothes and shoes you pick as it is a hard climb, on the top it’s cold and you still jave to come down again!

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Thank you for the information.
      Yes, it’s really cold on the top of Mt Merapi.
      Especially on the peak of the summer or dry season (August & September).

      Yup, it’s hard climb if you want to reach on the summit.
      The summit is full of rocks (stones).
      Maybe you need light shoes and flexible,
      so, it makes easy for you to step and climbing.

  13. Adi

    Hello, great description and information. Thank you.
    Is possible find guide at base camp at 2am if I arrive by myself?

    I’m only person and fast hiker so cannot take Merapi K10 tour (sounds amazing though).

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      You’re welcome.
      2 AM is early morning and it’s cold at base camp.
      So, if you’re not make appointment with a guide,
      then you won’t found any guide at base camp.

      The possible what will happen to you is:
      you will arrive at base camp on 2 am,
      you pay the entrance fee and register,
      then the base camp officer will call any guide,
      if you lucky a guide will be ready for you.
      Otherwise, the guide keep sleeping,
      and you will have no guide for hiking.
      It will wasting your time and you take a risk that you may have no guide.
      That is a worst scenario.

  14. Ruo Xuan ANG

    Hello, may i know if there’s anyone applied for Merapi sunrise tour on 14th-17th Nov at the moment? Im a solo traveler and hope there’s someone could share the cost with me. Thank you.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      No one booking Mount Merapi sunrise tour on 14th-17th November 2017.
      But, there are 2 Malaysian booked it for 12th and 13th November 2017.
      Just info. Merapi hiking tour + sunrise (K10) is not sharing cost tour.
      It’s group of tour and the fee is IDR 450K per person.
      Include: guide, entrance fee, pick up & drop off, breakfast, insurance.

      1. Ruo Xuan ANG

        Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes Im aware that it’s not a sharing cost tour. May I know the one on 13th is departing 13th night or? because i will arrive on 13th morning, if it’s on 13th night probably i can make it.

  15. Amar

    I want to go for this tour on 18th (night) Dec ’17. I am alone. Is there any way I can be a part of the group if there are already other travellers who have booked the tour for 18th Dec. Do let me know.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      There are 4 travelers from Singapore already booked for Merapi night hiking on 18 December 2017.
      The fee is IDR 450K per person.
      Let me know if you want to book also.

  16. Sven


    Im a solo traveler and would like to go for Merapi night hiking on next Sunday night, December 3, 2017. Are there already other travellers who have booked the tour? Will there be a tour at all due to rainy season? Costs?

    Please let me know

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Sorry, no one booked the Merapi night hiking on December 3rd, 2017.
      At least 2 persons for Merapi night hiking tour.
      Yup, if the rain is not heavy, we keep continue hiking.
      You can buy cheap poncho/raincoat on the basecamp.
      IDR 10K only.
      The cost of Merapi night hiking tour is IDR 450K per person.

      If you able tonight, you can join the Merapi night hiking on December 2nd, 2017.
      Some people already booked for Merapi hiking tour tonight.
      You can text me via whatsapp on +628122770029 for booking.
      or via email: kuncoro.r@gmail.com

  17. Lucie Kubínová


    We’re 2-3 people who are planning to climb Mount Merapi on 24th of February to see the sunrise. Would it be possible? 🙂

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      It’s possible actually.
      Well, February is wet/rain season.
      So, you have to check the weather forecast before the day.
      You can text me via Whatsapp if you want to book Merapi night hiking + sunrise.
      Here my number:
      +6281 2277 0029

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, no body can predict about volcano activity/eruption.
      I mean we still have no idea about what will happen on 1st October 2018.
      Just keep update the Merapi status in my travel blog.

  18. Luke

    I know merapi had a small ash eruption a few weeks ago and was closed. If trekking on the mountain open again? If not do you have any idea when?
    Also thankyou for your great and really informative website

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      The Mt Merapi trekking/hiking will open when the Merapi level status getting lower level.
      But, the problem is no body know when the Merapi activities decreasing or stop.
      The local authority still watching the Merapi activities.
      Using the Seismograph all the earthquakes around the volcano detected & recorded.
      The result of this instrument is a Seismogram.
      The information from Seismogram used to set the Merapi level status.
      That’s why we need to wait the update information from the local authority.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Today the Mt Merapi trekking still not available.
      Well, it depend on the local authorization who release the Merapi status and hiking restriction.
      It depend on the Mount Merapi activities it self.
      We never know what it will be on mid-December 2018.
      Just keep update the information (Merapi status) here.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      You’re welcome.
      Not open yet.
      Even on November 23rd, 2018 the Merapi volcano has a little eruption.
      Four times eruption in a day, the lava flow down to Gendol river which has 300 meter distance.
      This eruption is not dangerous and not influencing villager activities.
      It impact only for the people who want to hike the Merapi volcano.

  19. Rola


    May I know is Merapi okay to hike during any days between the coming 2 Feb to 4 Feb? We are two and now planning our trips in Yogyakarta.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Unfortunately today Mount Merapi still closed for any hiking activities.
      The other option is Mount Merbabu.
      But, the track to summit more longer than Merapi’ track.

    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Well, as you know no body can predict the nature activities.
      Especially volcano eruption.
      Today Merapi volcano still active.
      Sometime it erupting lava to southeast side.
      Everyday the local authority watch this activities.
      Including record volcanic quake.
      All these data used to decide the Merapi status.
      Then this status used to decide whether possible or not to do hiking/trekking.

      I hope you understand this situation.
      No one human can predict the nature activity.
      No one human know whether Merapi will be open or close in future.

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