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You can find car rental in downtown or backpacker street. There are so many car rental. They offering matic or semi auto car.

The rate about  Rp300 000/day.
The car is Toyota Avanza.
If you rent for 1 week, you will get cheap price.

If you don’t use to our traffic or you feel not comfort, you can rent All in package (Car, driver, gasoline) Rp550.000 per day.

*) Don’t forget to ask brown paper (letter for car/motorcycle)/STNK.
**) Check the letter, is tax paid for a year. Otherwise, police will catch you and ask some money. Better you also have international drive license.
***) The price is for normal days, not on indonesian holiday.

20 thoughts on “CAR RENTAL

  1. mk.vani

    Any reasonable car rent for 4 days travels to all the places u mentioned in your page and pick up and drop form airport.

    1. kunzyogya Post author

      Well, i have a car for rental actually.
      It’s Toyota Avanza car.
      But, i rent it with a package, not just a car.
      All in package include car, gasoline and driver is about IDR550,000 – IDR600,000.
      The rate depend on your destination and maximum for 5 persons.
      Here my phone number: +628122770029 (Whatsapp).


  2. Andrew

    I would like to rent a car for 4 person. and i have my own itenary ( i can show you later ) for 6 day travel. would love to know your offer. thanks! 🙂

  3. Safiah


    Is it possible to rent a car with a driver?
    I have an itinerary in mind and I hope you can help me find a driver.


    1. kunzyogya Post author


      Yes, possible to rent a car include the driver.
      My old brother is a driver actually.
      You can send me your itinerary through email or whatsapp.
      email: kuncoro.r@gmail.com
      Whatsapp: +6281 2277 0029

      You’re welcome.

      Roni Kuncoro

  4. Ci

    Hi 🙂
    Saya dan keluarga rencananya mau ke sana tapi 7 orang, kalau misalnya mobil selain avanza ada ga?
    Terima kasih sebelumnya

          1. kunzyogya Post author

            For Toyota Innova is IDR 650k per car per day.
            More than 12 hours no extra charges.
            Include: car, gas, driver.
            Exclude: car parking fee.

  5. Safina

    Hello there.

    Can I know whether you have any other car? There are only two of us and Avanza is a bit too much. If there is, can I please know the rate per day with a driver? Also, what is the rate for 6 days?

    Thank you.

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