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BERINGHARJO MARKET (Pasar Beringharjo)



Front side of market:



The location where current Beringharjo market exists used to be forest of banyan trees. Soon after the structure of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom, i.e. in 1758, the area was made use of as a place for economic activities by the people of Yogyakarta as well as its areas. Just hundreds later on, specifically in 1925, the transaction area had a permanent building. The name ‘Beringharjo’ was given by Hamengku Buwono IX, meaning that the place where banyan tree (bering) utilized to expand is anticipated to bring well being (harjo). Now, tourists specify this location as a satisfying purchasing place.


Address: Jalan Pabringan, Pasar Beringharjo, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122 (Downtown Yogyakarta).



There is a cheap public transport to get there. Trans Jogja Bus. Ticket only IDR 4,000. First, you must go to halte bus/bus stop of Trans Jogja. Then, you must reach to Malioboro halte (halte Malioboro), and then take a walk to the market. Ask to the operator if you still confused.
Operator will glad to give information. 🙂

From Adi Sutjipto Airport :
please take Route 1A – Stop in Beteng Vredeburg Shelter/Halte (SO 1 Maret halte)
then please take a walk to the market
From Tugu Railway Station :
please take Route 1A or 2A – Stop in Beteng Vredeburg Shelter/Halte
then please take a walk to the market
From Giwangan Bus Station :
please take Route 3B – Stop in Pojok Beteng Wetan Shelter/Halte,
then please take Route 2B – Stop in Kantor Pos Besar Shelter/Halte
then please take a walk to the market
From Jombor Bus Station :
please take Route 2A – Stop in Beteng Vredeburg Shelter/Halte
then please take a walk to the market

*) Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 am until 9:30 pm.



7.30 A.M – 4.00 P.M

There are strong signal for your cell phone.

Some restroom and toilet. Better bring your own tissue.

Batik area:


The front side as well as the western part of the marketplace are the appropriate locations to discover tasty standard treats. At the north side of the front component, you will certainly find rounded brem (a type of treat made from the extract of fermented tubers) that is softer than that of Madiun city and krasikan (pleasant pie made from glutinous rice as well as hand sugar). In the south component, you will certainly find bakpia cake filled with mung bean that is sold warm as well as wet snacks such as put up kwe as well as nagasari. On the other hand, at the back component, typically they sell sturdy treats such as ting-ting constructed from sugar combineded with peanut.

If you wish to get batik, Beringharjo is the very best location as a result of its full collections; varying from batik fabric to batik clothes made from both cotton and silk materials, with the rates ranging from 10s thousands to a million. Collection of batik towel is readily available in west and also north parts of the marketplace, while batik garments collection is available practically everywhere in the west component of this market. In addition to batik clothes, the west component of the marketplace additionally offers traditional garments: surjan, blangkon, as well as sarong both woven and also batik published ones. Shoes and also bags cost practical rates are offered around the escalator of the west component of the market.

Tipping upstairs to the second floor, you will smell the aroma of Javanese natural herbs. Natural herbs such as turmeric that is usually combined with tamarind to make unique beverage as well as temulawak to make bitter beverage for medicine purpose are marketed below. Flavors such as ginger (to make ronde consume or merely to be baked, boiled as well as combineded with crystal sugar) and cinnamon (to enhance the flavors of such beverages as ginger drink, coffee, tea and also often to substitute chocolate in coffee).

In the night:


This is also the ideal market to search antiques. The facility of antique products remains in east part of the 3rd flooring. There, you could obtain aged typewriter, headgear made in 1960s with the front part of which is mica as high as one’s nose and some other things. On the very same flooring, you could obtain utilized items of high quality if you want. Numerous kinds of good quality used imported goods such as footwears, bag, or even clothes are sold at more affordable costs compared to the original prices. Certainly, carefulness in choosing is needed.

After completing your going around on the market, it is time for you to check out the area around the market with not less appealing deals. The location at the north of the marketplace that utilized to be popular as Chinese Kampong is one of the most prominent place. You could locate oldies tapes of artists in 1950s that are hardly ever found in other places. Besides, there are Buddha effigies in different postures. For collection agencies of old cash, they could get the ones from various nations, also the ones used in 1930s.

To appease your thirst, special chilly drink of Yogyakarta, namely cendol ice, is the ideal option. This cold drink from Yogyakarta has richer flavor than the ones from Banjarnegara and Bandung. The materials are not only cendol (jelly-like substance made from glutinous rice yet also camera cau (jelly-like material made from cam cau leaves). Other beverages you could try are youthful coconut ice with hand sugar and the consume made from turmeric-tamarind as well as rice-great galingale combinations.

Despite the fact that the market is shut at 05:00 p.m, the characteristics of the merchants does not drop in that time. Before the market, there are still numerous food vendors offering lots of sort of special food. Martabak with numerous fillers, the wonderful terang bulan blended with chocolate and peanut, as well as the scrumptious klepon fulled of hand sugar are marketed every night. At around 06:00 p.m. up until late at night, there is typically gudeg seller who also provides unique cuisines of cow skin and also version of stir-fried vegetables with chili. While having your meals, you could hear Javanese typical music or have a talk with the seller that will resolve you friendly. It is merely total!

watch the market from VIDEO:

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